Nikki Lane & Jonathan Tyler Live! MBFBM Concert Series

House Concert! Monday November 14th 7 to 10 pm

The Bloody Mary Concert Series

Growing up in South Carolina, Nikki Lane loved her mom’s Motown records and her dad’s country cassettes, but she’d also sneak to see alt-rock and punk shows. All those influences come through in her music.

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Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights formed in January 2007, taking cues from Southern rock veterans like Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Black Crowes, and Led Zeppelin. Although the band’s namesake frontman was born in Birmingham, AL, he later relocated to Dallas, TX, where a friendship with a local rhythm guitarist named Kansas allowed Tyler the chance to exercise his songwriting abilities.

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An Intimate Evening With Two Amazing American Artists

Here’s what Rolling Stone Magazine had to say about Jonathan Tyler’s, Holy Smoke’s, Album:

Take a listen to Jon and Nikki on ‘To Love is To Fly,’

Jonathon Tyler

Nikki Lane My Big Fat Bloody Mary Concert Series
Nikki Lane

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