Jack Link’s Bloody Mary Mix Review

When we heard that Wisconsin’s own Jack Link’s was entering the Bloody Mary world we were stoked, as were our followers. As the 5th most popular snack food in the US, Jack Link’s has a loyal following and a unique brand identity. Beef jerky, Like bacon, celery, and pickles, has a natural kinship with our favorite brunch cocktail. But would they do it right, and make a good mix? We had to find out. Here’s what we determined!

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear our full review of all four Jack Link’s Bloody Mary Mixes; Mild, Sweet and Spicy, Dill Pickle, and the Jack Link’s Signature. Spoiler alert: We liked the. A Lot!

Jack Links Bloody Mary Mix Review
Jack Links Bloody Mary Mix Review

From the company’s website:

  1. Mild- Don’t let the name fool you. This recipe is loaded with an abundance of robust flavors. Smooth, briny, lightly tangy, with hints of garlic and horseradish. It might be called Mild, but it’s far from boring.
  2. Sweet & Hot-The perfect combo. Experience the sweet, but subtle flavor of pure honey combined with tongue-tingling peppers and spices and a hint of horseradish. Sure to satisfy both sides of your personality
  3. Dill Pickle-Pickle lovers rejoice. What once was just a garnish is now so much more. Enjoy the perfect amount of pickle brine blended with our signature spices and infused with horseradish for a subtle kick
  4. Signature Recipe- An instant classic. Our Signature Recipe is peppery and lightly briny, with a subtle hint of steak seasoning – delivering just the right amount of heat to put some hair on your chest. Like Sasquatch.

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