Best Bloody Mary in La Crosse, WI

Voted Best Bloody Mary in La Crosse, WI

Home of the best bloody Mary in La Crosse, WI – Greg Tooke is editor in chief of the popular blog, Best Bloody Mary Recipe.COM. A regular contributor to food and beverage media, Greg is passionate about his cocktails. In addition to beverage consulting, he is often called upon to share what he has learned at large social functions. In his hometown of La Crosse, WI, he is best known for his regular, “Bloody Sundays,” where fine music and the best  bloody Mary’s come together.

best bloody Mary La Crosse


“Greg has taken a simple cocktail and turned it into a colossal waste of time.” -William Shatner

“If I had a dollar for every bad bloody Mary this guy didn’t make, I’d be broke!” -Unknown

“Greg is to bloody Mary’s what…something really important to some other thing is to that thing.” -Dr. Stephen Hawkings

“I once stared at the sun through a pair of binoculars for over an hour.”- Harry Carey

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