Episode 11 -Brewt’s Bloody Mary Mix

Brewt's Bloody Mary Mix

Brewt’s Bloody Mary Mix

Erica’s Birthday Bash – Live Audience

So it got a bit….sloppy- I was drinking 190 proof grain alcohol. It’s a good thing we record these sessions- there’s NO WAY I’d remember what happened otherwise…

This Dec. 30, 2013 photo shows bottles of Everclear, 190 Proof grain alcohol, for sale at a grocery store in Madison, Wis. A bill in the state Assembly would ban the sale of 190-proof alcohol like Everclear, out of concerns about its potency. (AP Photo/Scott Bauer)

Show Notes:

Brewt’s Bloody Mary Mix

Brewt's Bloody Mary Mix

The Blog- It DOES look a bit like Erica!


By Big fat Bloody

As a Wisconsin native, I expect bloody Mary's to be rich and satisfying, and to be served with a beer chaser. My mission is to improve the lives of my readers with better bloody Mary recipes and techniques.

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