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Episode 30- Brian Bartels: The Bloody Mary- a Book Review

Brian Bartels the Bloody Mary

Help Us Celebrate 100,000 Downloads With Author Brian Bartels!

Hey, what about those damned stickers?

My Big Fat Bloody Mary Sticker
My Big Fat Bloody Mary Sticker

The definitive guide for those devoted to the brunchtime classic, the Bloody Mary, with 50 recipes for making cocktails at home.

The Bloody Mary is one of the most universally-loved drinks. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and beyond, there simply isn’t a wrong time for a Bloody.

In The Bloody Mary, author Brian Bartels–beverage director for the beloved West Village restaurants Jeffrey’s Grocery, Joseph Leonard, Fedora, Perla, and Bar Sardine–delves into the fun history of this classic drink.(Did Hemingway create it, as legend suggests? Or was it an ornery Parisian bartender?)

More than 50 eclectic recipes, culled from top bartenders around the country, will have drinkers thinking outside the vodka box and taking garnishes to a whole new level.

St Paddy’s Day Special with Lava Craft Bloody Mary Mix

lava craft bloody Mary review

Episode 26 -St Paddy’s Day Special with Lava Craft Bloody Mary Mix

lava craft bloody Mary review

St Patricks Day Special – Season 2 Opener!

Holy smokes- we had a blast recording this first episode of season 2! It took four Jameson soaked takes, but we got it! Take a listen and find out how you can win one of three gift packs from Lava! Perhaps our best prize give away yet!

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jameson Irish Whiskey

Mike and Brenda’s Bloody Mary Mix Review

Mike and Brenda's Bloody Mary Mix Review

Mike and Brenda’s Salsa – Bloody Mary Mix

Mike and Brenda’s is a small family company from Henderson, Minnesota. They got their start making salsa. They make five salsa varieties; Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, and OMG Pineapple Salsa. Here’s what they have to say about their salsa;

“Welcome to our Salsa world! We’ve been making salsa for almost 20 years and have it down to a science. We use fresh ingredients and lots of love to make the best salsa this side of the Mississippi!

We make it hot….so hot your tongue will sweat! But, we can tone it down too so you can really enjoy the flavor.

Our salsa is full thick and hearty…you’ll need a good chip to really appreciate this salsa!”

But that’s not what I’m interested in. Mike and Brenda have moved into the bloody Mary world  -a logical progression I think.

Mike and Brenda's Bloody Mary Mix Review
Mike and Brenda’s Bloody Mary Mix

I received a quart, and I mean a quart mason jar, of the mix and just now got around to trying it. Holy smokes! This stuff is GOOD! The antithesis of a big corporate product, (Think Zing Zang), Mike and Brenda’s mix is devoid of flashy packaging. In fact, the only marking on the jar is a sticker with contact information on the lid.
Mike and Brenda's label

Ordinarily, I’d start a review by reviewing the ingredients. Since there are none listed, let’s move on.


The mix is deep red in color, with little bits of solids visible. It pours just a tad thicker than canned tomato juice. Not too thick, but enough texture to get my attention.


Wow! My first taste conjured up childhood memories of my mom and aunts canning tomato juice. Such fresh tomato flavors. Mom and her sisters also used to can something they called, “tomato plus.” If I recall, it was a mixture of garden tomatoes cooked with celery and onions. Mike and Brenda’s has those flavors and a few more. I taste celery and onion, perhaps a touch of garlic, and some spice.

The spice is interesting. It doesn’t hit you right away but leaves a very nice after-taste, reminiscent of a Snap-E-Tom tomato cocktail.

Snap-E-Tom Tomato Cocktail

The balance of fresh, fresh tomatoes and spice are absolutely perfect in Mike and Brenda’s Bloody Mary Mix. The flavor is immediately addictive. (And I’m not even adding vodka today!) I can’t think of an improvement that could be made to this mix, other than wider distribution.

My advice, if you see this mix for sale, buy as much as you can. Great stuff!

Find out more about Mike and Brenda’s on their Facebook page:

Mike and Brenda’s Salsa’s and Bloody Mary Mix

Episode 25 – Nikki Lane & Jonathan Tyler

Nikki Lane My Big Fat Bloody Mary Concert Series

Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix infuses Episode 25

Join us for a live interview with Nikki Lane and Jonathan Tyler

Nikki Lane My Big Fat Bloody Mary Concert Series
Nikki Lane
Jonathon Tyler
We hosted Nikki Lane and Jonathan Tyler for an intimate house concert. We got to ask them a few questions, hear a few songs, and hang out. The Dove and the Wolf also stopped by.

We had a blast recording episode 25 – the Silver Anniversary Edition !
The Kick Start Bloody Mary Mix was flowing and so was the Dream Team!


Why Drink Alone Drink With Lynn
Why Drink Alone When You Can Drink With Lynn T shirt

Episode 23 – Boneyard’s Bloody Blend Halloween Special

Boo! Listen to our Halloween Edition Boneyard’s Blend Review

Critics are calling episode 23, “Scary as Hell!”

Order Boneyard’s Bloody Mary Mix Here:

Check out our reactions to this unique company and their unique product. Listen for a chance to win a Royal Bliss CD


Here’s that awesome blog we talked about. We love Shelley and her Drunken Tomato Blog!

the Drunken Tomato
the Drunken Tomato


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Erica: 65
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Lynn Miller and Garrison Sing a Duet

garrison Keillor duet Lynn Miller

Episode 22 Teaser

Lynn and Garrison got together for a duet during the show. The result was so amazing I had to share it on its own.

Take a Listen


Episode 17 – Minnesota Mule Bloody Mary Mix

Episode 17 - Minnesota Mule State Fair

My Big Fat Bloody Mary Podcast Episode 17 – Minnesota Mule Bloody Mary Mix

Episode 17 - Minnesota Mule State Fair

Last Week’s Contest Winners:

Dan Christen
Don Netwal
They each won a gift pack from UV Vodka! Congrat’s guys!

Special Douchebag Edition!

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The Review Minnesota Mule Bloody Mary Mix

From MN Mule’s website:
“Minnesota Mule Bloody Mary Mixes are full of flavor, easy to use, and make one hell of a good bloody Mary. We developed the recipe from scratch, trying over 500 different blends before we found the perfect mix. There are over 30 vegetables and natural spices in our bloody Mary mix, plus no MSG. And a bloody Mary isn’t really a bloody Mary without Worcestershire, and the Mule has it!”

Here’s Lynn’s powerful cover of Blondie’s, One Way or Another:


Lynn – 69
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Erica  – 64
Jack – 70
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