2023 Drunken Tomato Results, Horseradish Vodka, A mr. Blink Song, and THC with the Mikes

With a Sprinkling of Music By Mike Caucutt of Mr. Blink

  Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series and we are being fueled by the La Crosse Distilling Co.’s Field Notes Vodka, whose corn-based vodka is just

that- 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for a nice easy finish.

Intro Guest: Mike Scott, aka Creamy and Mike Caucutt

Last Episode/ Review: young guns

Talk about Moscow on the Hill and referent vodka.

Moscow on the Hill Russian Cuisine and Horseradish Vodka
Moscow on the Hill Russian Cuisine and Horseradish Vodka

Darn Good Bloody – Our official base bloody for hot sauce reviews! a great mix- the original, “OG'” recipe is fresh and not too spicy- a perfect place to start

Drunken Tomato awards results – Here they are!!

Drunken Tomato Awards results 2023
Drunken Tomato Awards results 2023
Back Pocket Provisions Bloody BajaMicheladaPlatinum
Back Pocket Provisions Bloody Blue RidgeHot & SpicyBronze
Bella Sun Luci – ChipotleNew ProductPlatinum
Bella Sun Luci – SalsaNew ProductSilver
Blood Brothers HotHot & SpicyGold
Blood Brothers MediumHot & SpicyGold
Blood Brothers MildMildPlatinum
Bloody Maria
Bloody Maria
Bloody Point – CoastalMildGold
Bloody Point – OriginalMildPlatinum
Carrie’s Merries Hot SauceHot SaucePlatinum
Carrie’s Merries Original Mixologist Grade Bloody MaryMildGold
Carrie’s Merries Rim SaltRim SaltSilver
Datil Pepper Hot Bloody MaryHot & SpicyPlatinum
Datil Pepper Mild Bloody MaryMildPlatinum
Devil Dave’s Hot SauceHot SauceGold
Devil Daves Diablo Bloody Mary SeasoningSeasoningGold
Devils Crown Premium Bloody Mary MixHot & SpicyPlatinum
DUDE WOW Bloody Mary MixNew ProductGold
Fermentation Station Aspara-Gusto!PickledGold
Ghost Pepper Picklemary mixHot & SpicyBronze
GJ’s Bloody Mary One ShotCaesarSilver
GJ’s Bloody Mary One ShotSeasoningGold
I.CHEEWAWA Bloody Mary MixCaesarBronze
Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Caesar MixCaesarGold
Kickled MaryBest in Show
Kickled MaryMildPlatinum
Kickled MaryHot & SpicyGold
Kickled MaryMicheladaGold
Kickled MaryUniquePlatinum
Lovejoy’s Burn Yo Face HotsauceHot SauceGold
Lovejoy’s Rim SeasoningRim SaltPlatinum
Mary’s Mixers Hot and SpicyHot & SpicyPlatinum
Mary’s Mixers MildMildPlatinum
Melinda’s Fire Roasted Garlic and Habanero Pepper SauceHot SaucePlatinum
MiddleBar MaryHot & SpicyGold
MiddleBar MaryMicheladaGold
Momo’s MicheladaMicheladaGold
Natural Blonde Bloody Mary MixUniquePlatinum
Nina’s Classic Bloody Mary MixMildSilver
Nina’s Natural Michelada MixMicheladaSilver
OPERA SAUCE Mediterranean Hot SauceHot SaucePlatinum
Pacific Pickle Works AsparagustoPickledGold
Pacific Pickle Works Bloody Mary ElixirSeasoningPlatinum
Parker’s Hangover Tonic Caesar and Bloody Mary MixHot & SpicyGold
Parker’s Hangover Tonic Caesar and Bloody Mary MixCaesarPlatinum
Parker’s Hangover Tonic Caesar and Bloody Mary MixSeasoningPlatinum
Picklemary’s Mary MayhemPickledPlatinum
Picklemary’s Pickled PineapplePickledPlatinum
Pint Cove Provisions Bloody LocalCaesarSilver
Pittsburgh Style PicklesPickledPlatinum
Red Beard Seasonings Bloody Mary BlendSeasoningGold
Remy’s Bloody Mary ExperienceMildPlatinum
Rimalicious SeasoningRim SaltGold
Sonoma Gourmet Bloody Mary MixMildSilver
Southern RootsHot & SpicySilver
Southern RootsCaesarGold
Southern RootsMicheladaGold
Southern RootsUniqueSilver
Southside Alchemy Mary MakingsSeasoningGold
Southside Alchemy Mild Mannered MaryMildGold
Stirrings Bloody Mary RimmerRim SaltGold
Stirrings Simple Bloody Mary MixMildGold
Sunday’s Best Dilly BeansPickledPlatinum
Sunday’s Spicy CaesarCaesarPlatinum
Sundry Mornings Bloody The Vampire SlayerMildPlatinum
The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix – Hot & SpicyHot & SpicyGold
The Murph’s Famous PepperonciniPickledPlatinum
Twang Reserve Michelada Rimming SaltRim SaltGold
Twang Reserve Pickle Michelada Cocktail MixMicheladaGold
Twang Reserve Pickle Rimming SaltRim SaltPlatinum
Twang Reserve Spicy Michelada Cocktail MixHot & SpicySilver
Willy Willy Sexy SauceHot SauceGold
Zing Zang Blazing Bloody Mary MixNew ProductGold
Zing Zang Bloody Mary Made with VodkaNew ProductGold
Zing Zang Bloody Mary MixMildSilver

Word of the Day:”Mike or Mic”

A little different format today. We sample some Referent Vodka From Moscow on the Hill in St.

Where’s The Chaser?? Which Beer Today? Satellite Tropical THC Beverage. We recorded this episode in Minnesota and, for the record, Mike did not partake.

Where’s the Vodka?? Referent Horseradish Vodka

Effect of Adding Vodka: Amazing!

Retail Cost: $19.99

Summary: Would I Buy it? –  Hell Yes!

Entertainment: Mike Caucutt of Mr. Blink Live in Studio

Mr. Blink

Next Week: Hot Sauce Review With Darned Good Bloody Mix

Unscripted banter

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