Binko’s Pepper Sauces Review

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Obscure profanity: “Envious Windfucker “– Modern swearing began in the Renaissance

In the Renaissance, the power of oaths began to decline. From the worst, the most shocking words a person could utter, they became mild expletives, only slightly more offensive than “um” or “uh”. 17th- and 18th-century conversations were peppered with ‘sblood (“God’s blood”), zounds (“God’s wounds”), and a new one, bloody. Words that were simply direct in the Middle Ages started to take over as the new obscenities. The transition was rough, however – sometimes words were censored, and other times they still appeared in print, as when in 1616 George Chapman published a beautiful, expensive edition of Homer but in it attacked one of his critics as “an envious Windfucker”.

Word of the Day:”Um”

What’s the Garnish? St Joe’s Country Market jerky

Company We Review : Binko’s Pepper Sauce –  Pymaluning Chili Co.

Binko's Pepper Sauce Review

3 flavors;Lucky 32(Red Fresno),Coolhand(Habanero),Banger 848(Jalapeno)

Company Story: On the Pennsylvania-Ohio border, in the woods surrounding Pymatuning  Lake, sit the remnants of an old fishing-trailer, where my friends used  to gather. Year round, I’d cook them homemade chili over an open fire,  using a variety of peppers grown in my dad’s garden. Later, I poured my  love of peppers and cooking into crafting unique and flavorful hot sauces.

BINKO’S Pymatuning Lake Chili Company. is a culmination of backyard,  family tradition and warm memories of simple times. I sincerely hope you  enjoy tasting my pepper sauces as much as I enjoy creating them.   *Blatz Beer

Describe Bottle 

Onto the Ingredients: Read from Bottles





Where’s The Chaser?? Which Beer Today? Blatz

Retail Cost: $9.00- 3 pack $25

How to learn more (Contact Info) 

Summary: Would I Buy it? –  Greg:     YES       Guest: YES

Entertainment: Big Liquor

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