Cleetus Heatus Bloody Mary Review with Mike Scott

INTRO: Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series. 

Intro Guest : Mike Scott

Plug Guest –

La Crosse Distillery-Field Notes

Whose corn-based vodka is just that, 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for an easy finish.

Bloody Mary Enthusiasts Unite 


Last Episode/ Review: Frankie’s Fine Brine Classic Bloody Mary

Word of the Day: Cheryl Englert, “Flavor.”


The Company Story: Chicago based- Chef driven retail foods products by Chef Cleetus Friedman. Hot Sauces and Bloody Mary popcorn.

Cleetus Heatus bloody Mary mix review. Crafted by Cleetus. Chef Cleetus Friedman
Cleetus Heatus bloody Mary mix review. Crafted by Cleetus. Chef Cleetus Friedman

What’s on the Outside? 32 oz long neck clear glass bottle. Somewhat thick looking with plenty of suspended bits of seasoning and pureed tomatos

Onto the ingredients:

Cleetus Heatus bloody Mary mix ingredients
Cleetus Heatus bloody Mary mix ingredients


Thickness: moderately thick

The Taste: Fresh tomatoes, horseradish and celery salt. Moderately spicy after-burn

Where’s The Chaser?? 

Driftless Brewing Co. of Soldiers Grove WI – Driftless Brewing Company is a local southwest WI brewery and destination taproom.  We focus on supporting local/regional farms, co-ops and businesses with our ingredient purchases and use 80-90% local ingredients in our fine ales and lagers.   

Which Beer Today? Saison de Jardin (sey-zon du jhardun) (French for,” Garden Season.”

farmhouse style ale is a lovely combination of stone fruit flavors and gentle spice. Finishes crisp and dry.

Where’s the Vodka?? 

Effect of Adding Vodka: Adds spice and sweetness

Retail Cost: $10.00

How to learn more (Contact Info)  FB –

Summary: Would I Buy it? – Yes   

Next Week:  Stretches


Grab your cocktail shaker, check back and get ready for the big sound party. Greg and his band of unintelligible are back mixing, drinking, reviewing and discussing Bloody Marys, and all that goes with them. My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast, where you’ll never drink alone.
Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will indeed never drink alone. We’re coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary concert series where on July 9, we’ll be hosting Willie wisely. Still a couple of tickets left for that go to Bloody Mary concert And you can get your ticket there 20 bucks there’s going to be some free bloodies and some free beer.
So wow, that kind of a deal.
I think it’s a pretty good value. Yeah, yeah. So my guest Mike Scott, welcome back, buddy. I’m back right back all right. You know Mike is does these walking tours footsteps to lacrosse you’re still doing those
I am I am a be doing them all summer and then into the fall. My specialty is the ghost of historic lacrosse. And actually, our our probably our most well known Bloody Mary bar. Yep. Dells. Yes. Has it ghost? Really? Yes. And actually a kind of a famous ghost because it has been mentioned in several haunted Wisconsin books. Yeah. So 2003 Magic come he’s opens up the place. It’s about 11 o’clock in the morning. And he’s seated at the end of the bar. It’s a round bar, sit at the bar reading the newspaper. And he said there are three unbelievably loud knocks on the front door. And it started seven and it gets a little bit pissed off. When to go see who’s pounding on the door at 11 o’clock in the morning. Yeah, starts off in the front door and this very heavy, very antique ceiling fan falls from the ceiling and hits the stool. He was just at football and then he was outside. And he said no one within blocks of of the tavern. So clearly a poltergeist
as yells bar making a statement but sparing him. Right. Right. Exactly. So good story. Yeah. That is a good one. So those are the kinds of stories people might learn about.
I’m sorry, exactly.
I love that. Well, today we’re being fueled, as usual by lacrosse, distilleries, organic Field Notes vodka, whose corn based vodka is just that 100% Midwestern organic, yellow dead corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn. There’s nothing else used to make the spirit it’s double distilled and filtered for an easy finish. We’re still hanging out with the Bloody Mary enthusiast.
Yeah, are my drinking buddies. Exactly. 1000s of them
thought yeah, they’re I think it’s 38,000 or something these days. But yeah, we kind of push off from them and they push off from us. We use them we harvest people’s feedback. For example, there are word of the day that comes right out of the enthusiast UNITE group, and we do contests. I think the last contest giveaway was Mary’s mix. We gave away. Let’s see five, two packs that mix and we’ll be doing another one on there, too.
That was a great mix two very liked it.
Excellent mix. Yes.
And then all 38,000 of those people need your stickers, don’t you think?
I think they do. A lot of them have been getting them. I did another contest where I gave away a bunch of stickers. But yeah, and it’s not hard to find them. If you just look up my big fat Bloody Mary, you’ll get to my big pet bloody And there’s a tab right there and buy stickers. So they’re they’re pretty cool. We got a few left. So if you want to get on that. What the hell did we do last time? Mike? Do you remember?
I Yeah. We did. Frankie’s fine Brian classic Bloody Mary Max and we had a buffet because he Frankie’s had sent. We had a while. Pickles, but they were infused with with alcohol. So there was a whiskey pickle. Yeah. And there was a tequila pickle. And also a the one I really liked was the pickled beets. Oh, yeah.
Those were like gin soaked or Anthony or something. Yes.
Yeah, I think so. I’m trying to remember I think very tasty. Yeah,
I remember that. Yeah. That was a good one. That was a good one. So we’ve got the word of the day here. And it is from Cheryl Englert, from my from the Bloody Mary enthusiast unite page. And the word is His flavor flavor. Okay, now those two didn’t count that was just Oh, telling people, you know, no one has to drink just yet. But the next time you hear the word flavor, oops,
I think that one counts. So we’re one, right.
All right. Fair enough.
think this one’s not going to be as as widely used as the last lap, but last week was spicy. came up a lot.
You don’t realize how often you use that. Well, it wasn’t that even though in the title.
It was. So we were we were doomed. Yep. Yep.
Well, so we’ll listen for that word starts with an F and ends in an hour. Today, what are we drinking? Mike? I’ve been so busy.
We are drinking Cletus HEDIS a Bloody Mary mix out of Chicago. Chicago based it is a chef driven retail food products from Chef Cletus Friedman. And he makes hot sauces and bloody mary popcorn. Have you ever had such a thing?
No. I’d be open to it though. I definitely have Cletus heaters. That sounds like a Roman Emperor. Do you know what I mean? Like Maximus
succeeded the biggest ticket is what was that from? Oh chi for bread was biggest ticket something it was? Remember the kept snickering Yeah.
Let’s take a look at the bottle here Mike.
You know it’s a really nice simple bottle. please heed his award winning Bloody Mary mix another good food by Chef Cletus Friedman. And you go to the ingredient list and I love it. All natural ingredients. Tomato juice, lemon juice, horseradish. Yeah, hot sauce. Cayenne pepper, sugar, spice, salt. Black pepper. Yeah, Sign me up. Yeah, Cletus knows what he’s doing.
Yeah, and it’s that standard 32 ounce bottle that nobody could get for a while. Supply chain, so nothing in there that you wouldn’t have laying around your kitchen.
Oh, no, I can spell everything on here. Yeah. I’m not a great speller.
So it’s not my strong suit either.
Say now that was Hemingway. He was an torturously, bad speller who know autocorrect better, right? And he said you’re not that’s an editor’s job.
Well, you get to a certain point and I suppose it is. Well, what do you think? Sweet keep blabbing around here to taste this.
Let’s taste it.
The garnish? Let’s get to the drink. Absolutely.
You will note that I have rimmed half of your glass mic and no real good reason you have
turned me on to that don’t brim the whole class, right? Yeah, that is the way to go.
It is well especially when you’re judging the mix to you know, because that’s going to change it so you know for us we try it without that but But what this is, is Frank’s Red Hot kicking barbecue seasoning. And I think you’re gonna like it I don’t know.
Oh, no, that is That sounds fantastic. Yeah.
Well, let’s try a taste here just on its own without any spirits
don’t mind if I do. Yeah. Oops. I hope everyone else has their bloody ready because we’re bringing on the flavor.
Oh, yeah. I said oh, I would have missed that. Okay, so thickness it’s a I wouldn’t say like super thick No, but it’s a five out of 10 Probably some texture though. You can feel a little bits of horseradish floating around in there. Oh, yeah. And taste them.
We get that horseradish. Right right. Right. Random away.
Yeah. Oh, that’s pretty nice. Very tomato. It reminds me my mom used to make something she called tomato plus, she’d harvested tomatoes. blanch them, cook them down with like some green peppers and onions and just have that as a base and she puree it you know into a kind of a thinner sauce. And then she would just use that for cooking throughout the winter. But this this reminds me a little bit of that. It’s got a kind of fresh tomato flavor and
you know, I was with Clintus HEDIS I was expecting right a little more spice but duds and it’s five. It’s it’s pretty mild. It’s not very mild. But
no, there is spice there and it is one of those afterburner. Like even right now I’m sort of picking it up a little bit more than initially. But no, I wouldn’t call this the spicy mix, per se.
I’m gonna get a little the Frank’s hot sauce on this one here. Wherever you go.
That is good. It’s a little bit on the salty side. As as they go. Not crazy salty, but it’s more savory. In terms of flavor.
Oh, wow, you have done a fantastic pairing with this red hot. Frank’s Red Hot kickin barbecue seasoning. It gives that he taught me imagine the salt but it gets that you have a sweet and salty mix there. Right and it’s delicious. Scott.
I just saw that on the shelf. I didn’t even know it existed. And I I knew I had to have a
match made in heaven.
Speaking of matches made in heaven. I bet there’s something that would go really well with this right about now.
Yes, some field notes podcast.
Girl gotta do to get a vodka round here. Indeed. A little field notes vodka. Let’s put some wings on this. Yes.
I love that honey bird flies into town.
Just flew in with a RICO this morning. As a matter of fact, that sounds fresh. Yeah, this is fresh batch. They’re even numbered they come in a cases with you know small you call it small batch you know crafted. You weren’t ever gonna say when so I just never. So Cletus sent along a little note there. Even with a little I don’t know is that a self portrait cartoon? He’s
an artist as well. You know? A disturbed artists but artists,
the good ones always.
Scrape Greg VAs for taking the time to experience cleanness. HEDIS and put it right in here real tomato, celery, horseradish, and boy, you can?
Yeah, those are the highlights right there. Real tomato, like I said, tastes like mom’s tomato plus the horseradish very much forward. And the celery salt. Yeah, those are the pillars of this string. But you know, it’s always nice to have an extra pillar in the form of a fine vodka.
A grade that changes it up.
It really does sweetens it a bit. Fins it, obviously.
And it seems to have lengthen the, the the heat or the spacing. That’s a little bit.
A little longer. It does. It’s still hanging out and right now. I don’t know what you do for that though.
I think you would call on a chaser. A chick call in the
Am from Wisconsin, Greg. Where the hell is my beer chaser? Let’s do it. Well.
You know what? We’re drinking Mike. Yes. These guys are
now that one. Sled. This is our favorite. Really? What you say this is our favorite? It is? Yeah. This is the Saison de de de human. I think I’m pronouncing that right. Yeah, I did not take French. So I really don’t know how to pronounce French words, but it is French for the garden season. And it is a farmhouse style ale and a combination of fruit flavors, with just a little bit of spice and very crisp, very dry and really an excellent chaser.
It is and I chose it. You know why I chose it to pair with this. Because I just really wanted to have some of it. That’s all. That’s all the thought that went into it. It’s I’ve been sweating and kind of working hard this morning. And I just want a nice cold Saison. I know people might not know about the guys that make this now it’s kind of a regional.
Yeah, this is out of the Driftless Brewing Company in soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. And if you have never been to soldier scope, you should go it is a charming little town. Right, I would say right in the heart of the Driftless region. And it’s a local southwest brewery and they have a beautiful Taproom and they focus on supporting local regional farms, co ops businesses, they purchase all their ingredient and really 80 to 90% of the ingredients they use in their beer is is come comes from local farms and. And yeah, this this garden season I’m not going to bet you I’m not saying the French word anymore.
Yeah, I took Spanish in that in school. And Steve Martin used to do a great bit, you know about Spanish versus French, you know, like Spanish. Yeah, this Doyle Casa de paper. You know, it’s it makes sense. It’s kind of it’s not that much different. But French, you know, those noodles. What happened? He spoke French. Somebody resuscitated the sounds? It’s just different.
And I’ve heard that. People who speak French, they get a little perturbed if you mispronounce.
Oh, that that’ll help make you a little more confident and comfortable knowing like when they tell you you know, and that dog comes up to you looking threatening. Let him sniff yet he can tell if you’re scared. Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do with that information? Turn off the scared. So that doesn’t help like this. Miss hellhound actually consents that I’m afraid like he owns me right now.
Yeah, don’t worry about a thing.
No, just pretend you’re not scared. God, I love this beer. It’s so refreshing.
It really is good.
I’m gonna do a little back and forth with Cletus HEDIS. And then back to the chaser. That’s kind of the process. It’s not rocket science, you know? It actually does happen to be a pretty good pairing. If I do say,
oh, man, I am loving that. Yeah, that barbecue,
Prem salt there and salt as net Nice. Here’s what I did. You may notice how perfectly it’s applied. I put a little honey on a brush and just made a little swipe and just rolled half. You know, onto the that’s my new trick.
Thank you. It’s not my first rodeo. Well Cletus has a in his note and recommends trying it with a with vodka. But then he he says try it with Mezcal and or tequila or what else a gin gin? Yeah. So I kind of grabbed on to that. Let’s I mean, I want to finish this one with the vodka and enjoy it. Try it with aquafeed or Aqua? Yes, the Norwegian spirit. Yeah, that is interesting. I’m not sure what that would be like. Yeah, I I’ll try anything once.
be shamed. You know. I’m sure I’m sure Cletus knows what he’s talking. I’m sure it’s delicious.
No, he’s a chef. Yes, we know that because he’s called chef, Cletus. But it’s hard to find out a heck of a lot more about these guys there. They don’t really have a website. They’ve got a Facebook page. That’d be the place to connect with them. But they seem to sell through mostly third party vendors. If you just went on and Googled, you know, Cletus HEDIS you’d be taken to a few distributors or marketers of of the product. So yeah, and it retails for about 10 bucks a bottle a little bit cheaper than a few we’ve done lately.
Oh, well worth it. Yeah.
Yeah, good stuff really goes well with a vodka. I’m ready if you are to try it with a little gin on the chin. Where do you find a good gin in
this town? Same place you’ve got another hummingbird a different variety. Yeah. Yeah.
That’s right. The cross distillery also makes it very nice organic gin field notes.
Now our parent Janet, that means I need to grab one of these big wedges a lime.
Oh, yeah. Like peas and carrots.
That really adds to the flavor
just didn’t drink well, reporting
Now those of you drinking at home, if you don’t have jet, it’s okay. Just you can still use the vodka. Yeah,
it’ll work. Just imagine you’re chewing on some juniper berries. Like you’re right here with us. Do you notice I’m using these reusable acrylic straws? Do you notice mine has like a ergonomic bend in it? Which certainly does. Yeah, that’s because I left it on the stove when I was cooking
is a medication for that not Oh my god.
So here’s another thing to try and like
so this is a red snapper now it is. Yep,
that would be correct. call it that. Wow, totally different that’s it. Yeah, that’s June. That tastes like summer. It does. Yeah.
And I Oh, wait a bit now here it comes. I was about to say I don’t notice the heat. Yeah, the spicy finish but
yeah. They I just I just hit myself with a saison right after so I gotta re up the heat. I try this once. A question for our listeners. Do you drink with a straw or just over the top of the glass? And I’ll tell you what. When you drink something through a straw, it’s a different experience. I can’t explain it exactly. But if you’ll indulge me Mike, take a sip with a straw.
Alright. I am I’m a I’m a straw hater. And it really has nothing to do with the any sort of environmental thing. It’s just like I know how to drink from a cup.
Eventually I will get to a straw but let’s not hurry things along.
Yep. Yeah, I’m the same I in a lot of when I want a straw is when you got something in those tiny little cubes are crushed ice. Yes. You know, and they just keep getting in your mouth. But you know, the cubes I used are as big as your fist. So that’s not an issue. But But isn’t it a little different when it’s through the straw? Yeah. So it Yeah, it does. It takes on a whole different flavor with the gin. Gin brings a little more flavor to the table does it does Yeah. I think I just said it twice there tonight. I think you did. Whoopsie daisy
is fine. All right. Two times everybody.
Yeah. So real interesting mix Cletus. HEDIS. Very fresh. Very tomato. Forward horse radish, celery salts. Pretty savory. Little bit on the saltier side thickness kind of medium. And it retails for 10 bucks. So you think would you buy
it? Oh, absolutely. For 10 bucks. This is a steel.
Yeah, I think so. I think so. Well, let’s, let’s say To hell with our podcast listeners. And you and I enjoy the rest of this. And this is some good stuff next week. Be sure to tune in we’re going to be reviewing a mix called stretches, stretches stretches
and you know, where are they out of?
I do but I can’t divulge that. Until next episode. Oh, okay. Actually, I don’t know. I haven’t done my homework yet. But But I swear by next week, I will. So thanks for tuning in everybody. Well, we’ll see you next time.
I hope you have nothing going on next Sunday. There. See you then for another big fat Bloody Mary podcast.

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