Fall Pledge Drive

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You listen every week.  Maybe in your car on the way to work, maybe in a van down by river- however you listen, My Big Fat Bloody Mary Podcast is an important part of your week,  Help support the programming you love by giving us money. Goddamnit, all this vodka costs money.  And if you think Lynn would be half as funny sober, think again!

Here’s a Link to the Book We Reviewed

You listen to My Big Fat Bloody Mary Podcast for the great programs you hear, not the pledge drives. We understand that. YOU understand that listener support is how we pay for the vodka we rely on every day. Help shorten our upcoming Fall Pledge Drive. Click on the Paypal button below right now to find out how your gift now makes a shorter pledge drive. Support alcohol research. Thanks!

My Big fat Bloody Mary Podcast Fall Pledge Drive
My Big fat Bloody Mary Podcast Fall Pledge Drive

Click the Paypal button below to support our tirelss alcohol research. And thanks!


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