I.Cheewawa Bloody Review with Mike Caucutt

of Mr. Blink

Mike and I had a blast reviewing this unique bloody Mary mix and some spicy seasonings.

Last week Lynn and I reviewed the Bloody Buddy- an intense Worcestershire forward bottled mix. Lynn sang a little Buddy Holly. Check it out!

I.Cheewawa Bloody Mary Mix Review

Well, a powdered mix has built-in challenges and advantages. It can be tricky to get nice fresh flavor with dried ingredients. I.Cheewawa seems to pull it off though. It’s got a nice mix of smoked paprika, Mexican oregano, garlic powder and a nice medley of other spices. What I love about dry mixes is the versatility. It’s stable, lightweight, and we can adjust the strength as we see fit. Take it on the go and animate those flavors when you’re ready.

For the review I mixed up two batches in the morning; one with tomato juice, the other with Clamato. Having experimented with the mix all week, I knew that cutting the mix from the recommended 1 TBSP per 16oz of juice to one tsp hot my sweet spot. Did it that way. You can always add more later, but ya can’t take it out!

We first tried the tomato juice version- no vodka. Listen to hear the rest….

Mike Caucutt of Mr. Blink broke out a live song paying homage to the recently deceased Howard Hesseman. (aka Johnny Fever of WKRP)

Here’s what the company has to say about their seasonings;

Our Story began from a desire to have a product that was delicious to enjoy on just about everything.  Having looked far and wide for such product to no avail, we set out to create our perfect seasoning.  Using our different backgrounds and experiences in cooking, we achieved our perfect seasoning.  It was an absolute must that we have Zero Salt and with that established, we proceeded to formulate.  Habanero instead of cayenne for the spice, because the heat connoisseur within us, was important to please.  The aromatic blend of smoked paprika, along with garlic, onion and parsley blend together so beautifully, they were an absolute must.  
Thus, how Latin and Cajun became one!

As you will hear, we loved the mix and we loved the Hurricane Dust seasonings. None have salt. All have big fat flavor. Take a look at the ingredients:

I.Cheewawa bloody Mary mix ingredients
I.Cheewawa Ingredients

Here’s a link to the company website: I.Cheewawa Bloody Mary Mix

All three seasonings retail between $8 and $9. A damned good value in our opinion.

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