Mary’s Bloody Mix by Mary’s Mixers

With Mike and Lynn

Mary's Mix Bloody Mary Review

 Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series. 

Intro Guests : Mike Scott and Lynn Miller

Plug Guest –

La Crosse Distillery-Field Notes

Whose corn-based vodka is just that, 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for an easy finish.

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Last Episode/ Review: Frankie’s Fine Brine- we got PICKLED!

Word of the Day: Shelley B suggested, “the”

Travis Quast suggested “and,”

 we’re going with Shannon Barkers word- Spicy

Company We Review : Mary’s Bloody Mary Mix

The Company Story: Portland, OR Margarita’s(Orig., pineapple jalapeno and strawberry, original bloody and Spicy Bloody.

“Using over twenty different ingredients, we have hand-crafted the perfect bloody mary. We take the time to make our proprietary pickle brine in-house to create a depth in flavor you cannot find in any other bloody mary mixes.”-Website

For Mike: Spicy Mix Mary’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix is made with hot pressed tomatoes for a thick and bold tomato flavor. The only ingredient you can’t pronounce is the Worcestershire Sauce!

The Original Won Platinum in the Mild category, and Best in show. The Hot & Spicy one a Gold in Spicy category

What’s on the Outside?

Medicine style clear 32 oz bottle with image sexy female devilish figure, complete with hons and cleavage

Onto the ingredients:

Mary's Mix Ingredients
Mary’s Mix Ingredients


Thickness: Very thick

The Taste: Amazing! A perfect blend of spice. Complex but very drinkable.

Where’s The Chaser?? 

Driftless Brewing Co. of Soldiers Grove WI – Driftless Brewing Company is a local southwest WI brewery and destination taproom.  We focus on supporting local/regional farms, co-ops and businesses with our ingredient purchases and use 80-90% local ingredients in our fine ales and lagers.   

Which Beer Today? Saison de Jardin (sey-zon du jhardun) (French for,” Garden Season.”

farmhouse style ale is a lovely combination of stone fruit flavors and gentle spice. Finishes crisp and dry.

What’s a Saison?

French for “season,” Saison is a traditional, pastoral ale that originated in the farmhouses of Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. The historic style is characterized by low alcohol, a light body, and high carbonation. Expect an ester spice taste and supreme dryness.

Where’s the Vodka??

Effect of Adding Vodka: Becomes a bit spicier but little else changes

******Infused Vodka!*******

Retail Cost: $ 12.99

How to learn more (Contact Info) 

Summary: Would I Buy it? – Yes   

Entertainment: Lynn and Mike Sing

Next Week: Cleetus Heatus by Chef Cleetus Friedman

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