The Morning After Bloody Mary Mix -Review

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 We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series and we are being fueled by the La Crosse Distilling Co.’s Field Notes Vodka, whose corn-based vodka is just that- 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for a nice easy finish. I’m Greg Tooke, your host and joining me today…

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Company We Review : Morning After Bloody Mary Mix 


Talk about Hangover remedies- refer to fiber optic cable project

“The Morning After Can Be Rough But It Doesn’t Have To Be!”

“Shake it like you want it. Drink it like you need it!”

Kitchen Hippies was founded by Naomi Colon, a proud mama of three.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in food service management from Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte NC.  With over 15 years of food service experience, Naomi has managed front of house staff, catered large school lunches, private events, and serviced fast-paced night clubs/restaurants! Naomi has worked for the Charlotte Douglas International Airport for over 11 years as a lead bartender. 

Varieties: The OG,(Original) The Sass, (Spicy), The Burn, (Horseradish), The Basic, (Mild), The Smoke, (Chipotle)

The Morning After Bloody Mary Mix Review

The Sass: An all natural, gluten free Bloody Mary mix made from fresh tomatoes, blended with over 10 exotic spices!  The Morning After Spicy delivers an explosion of flavor followed by serious heat! Muy Caliente!

Onto the ingredients: Sodium 850mg

The Morning After Bloody Mary Mix Review ingredients



  • Thin
  • Pulpy
  • Medium
  • Thick


Where’s The Chaser?? Which Beer Today? HB House

Where’s the Vodka?? 

Effect of Adding Vodka:

Retail Cost: $22.00

How to learn more (Contact Info) 

Summary: Would I Buy it? –  Greg:      No      Guest: No

Entertainment: greg fills in. 

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