UV Vodka Challenge Sneak Peek

Special Review – Greg Crafts Four Unique Recipes for UV Vodkas

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The UV Vodka Challenge

Where it started I can’t exactly say. I was talking with one of the marketing guys from UV. They wanted to send us a sample I think. He asked which flavor would be best for a bloody Mary. I shot my mouth off and said I could make a good recipe from any of their flavors.

A week later a box containing four random flavors appeared at the offices of My Big Fat Bloody Mary Podcast.

The Flavors

Maybe with enough spice I could “bury the berry.”

UV Regular– ok, I knew I could handle this, but I wasn’t about to settle for a middle of the road recipe. I began developing a special recipe for this four times distilled, carbon filtered vodka.

UV Sriracha– This one is unique but sriracha is a flavor that blends well with tomatoes. I was pretty sure I could craft something delicious with it.

UV Lemonade – Here’s where it started to get weird. Lemonade is not exactly the flavor most think of when mixing a bloody. However, fresh lemon is one of my favorite bloody Mary ingredients, and I’ve been leaning toward a lighter, more juicy bloody Mary this summer. No problem. After two tries I had a great mix!

UV Blue Raspberry– Ok, this one had me worried. I knew the gang at UV were chuckling when they tossed this one in the box. Blue raspberry?? I kept my cool and began to think. I could try to shoehorn this tasty berry flavor into a conventional bloody Mary. Maybe with enough spice I could “bury the berry.” Nope, instead I decided to celebrate the berry. I went to work creating a light refreshing cocktail suitable for a day out sailing. I balanced the savory properties of Sacramento tomato juice with the fresh bold flavors of grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime and added a dash of green tea. It was fabulous….