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Buy demitris bloody Mary Mix
Buy demitris bloody Mary Mix

Demitri’s Bloody Mary Where to Buy and What to Buy

The Classic recipe is savory and delicious, but not spicy.  It has a very light sweetness.  There isn’t much not to like about it, unless you really like heat.

Any fan of horseradish will love Demitri’s extra horseradish bloody Mary recipe. They don’t skimp on the horseradish. Spicy and pungent, this flavor is quite popular in the upper Midwest.  I take it to fall football tailgate parties.

My personal favorite is the chilies and peppers mix.  It has a nice fresh pepper flavor and just enough spice. I find it to be the perfect blend of fresh tasting celery, peppers, and worcestershire flavors.

If you like a little smokey heat, go for the chipotle habanero flavor. It’s very tasty, but you might break into a face sweat.  (I happen to like that!)  It’s great as a seasoning for buffalo chicken wings.  Remember: It’s Hot!

You may also enjoy Demitris Rim salts. Rimming your chilled glass in Demitri’s classic rim salt, or bacon rim salt, makes the drink even more special by adding an additional dimension

Always use fresh tomato juice, your favorite spirit, and keep your bloody Mary chilled. Cheers!

While you wait for your product to arrive, try out some of our made from scratch recipes. Start with the best bloody Mary recipe. For a few laughs and a little useful information, read our blog: Rants and Raves

Demitris bloody mary mix where to buy

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