Elvis Presley Bloody Mary Recipe

Elvis Presley Cocktail Recipe

elvis presley Bloody Mary recipe

Queen of Cocktails Meets the King of Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley cocktail recipe- a convergence of forces. Memphis Tennessee in the mid 1950’s. The blues & gospel, Country western and hillbilly, blacks and whites: they all came together to give birth to rock and roll music. The man through which all of these energies flowed, and electrified the world was the King- Elvis Presley.

Thirty five years after his passing, the world remembers the legend of Elvis Presley. In celebration of the convergence and joining of styles and people, I present the Elvis Presley Cocktail. The queen of cocktails, Bloody Mary, meets the King of Rock and roll- Elvis!

Elvis had an appetite for life.  he also had an appetite for delicious food and drink.  This Elvis Presley cocktail is a blending of some of the King’s favorites.

Start out with a nice Tennessee whiskey.  That’s right, whiskey! A few days in advance, cut up a banana and place in a one quart Mason jar, along with a handful of roasted peanuts in the shell.  Fill the jar with whiskey, cover and let sit for three to five days.

*Read more about infusing vodka and other spirits

To make the Elvis Presley cocktail recipe, fill a large cocktail shaker with ice. Grind a few turns of fresh black pepper and lightly coat the ice with southern hot sauce.  Pour two ounces of infused whiskey.  Top off with tomato juice and shake vigorously.  Pour into a large glass and garnish with cooked bacon, pickle, and a banana slice.  Serve with a Pepsi-cola chaser.  Mmm, that’s alright Mama!


tomato juice:

8 oz
peanut and banana infused whiskey:
2 oz

hot sauce:
1 tbsp

black pepper:
1/4 tsp


Fill a large glass with ice. Coat the ice with black pepper and hot sauce, then add remaining ingredients. Pour contents into a shaker and shake well. Pour back into glass and grind a bit more pepper over the top. Garnish with banana, pickle, and cooked bacon. Serve with Pepsi-cola chaser

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