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Bloody Mary Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures

The beauty of the bloody Mary lies in its versatility. There are few drinks that, when enjoyed at 9:30 a.m., aren’t viewed as the manifestation of a disease. Like a wheezing cough or unsightly tumor, a brandy in one’s hand at the breakfast table screams, “I need help.” On the other hand, the fresh stalk of celery sprouting from an ice-cold bloody Mary seems to say, “It’s a new day, and I plan to enjoy it!” It’s not simply one of the best hangover cures, no sir!

The bloody Mary needn’t be limited to the traditional pre-noon time hangover cures slot. Every reveler worth their rim salt has learned the value of an after-bar diner breakfast. Like those late night greasy breakfasts, the bloody Mary can serve one well, when beer has lost its charm. The smell of fresh citrus and the bite of pepper can give new life to the pursuit of bad late-night choices.

Critics may argue that a drink that masks the underlying intent of altering one’s state of mind to be no more than a heaping slice of rationalization by an alcoholic. Why must critics always argue with me???

Don’t go into the bloody Mary half-cocked though.  Take some time to learn about this delightful cocktail.  The bloody Mary is only as good as its creator.  Or should I say, the bloody Mary is only as good as its recipe?  I’ve assembled a ridiculous amount of  bloody Mary recipes here.  Please take some time to read up on the bloody Mary and, more importantly, how to make a bloody Mary

Feel free to share your own hangover cures and experiences weaving this lovely drink into the tapestry of your day. Maybe you have a bloody Mary mix that you like. The only rule is, there ain’t no rules. Critics be damned!

Our top recommendations for best hangover cures:

  • Rehydrate- 50% of your hangover is the result of the dehydrating effects os alcohol. One big glass of water won’t do it. Keep drinking and try to add sodium to help your body retain the fluids. (Sport drinks are a good bet)
  • Drink Coffee (Caffeine)- Yes, it is a mild diuretic, but it’s also a liquid.  It’s still a net fluid gain.  The caffeine works as a catalyst to help the next of our hangover cures do its job.
  • Aspirin -Yep, good old-fashioned aspirin.  It’s cheap.  It’s time-tested.  It works! It can be a little hard on your stomach so be sure to include the final hangover cure…
  • Carbohydrates -We all crave greasy food but it’s carb’s that help the body recover from a hangover most quickly.  Get a little something in your gut.flat belly

Take a nap.  When you wake up. it’ll be time for another bloody Mary!  Cheers!

-Greg Tooke My short bio

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