Lovejoy’s Thai Basil Bloody Mary Mix Review

Drunken Tomato Awards with Shelley Buchanan


Very Few mixes have made the impression upon me that Lovejoy’s new Thai Basil Bloody Mary mix has. Holy Smokes! From the first look it’s obvious that this is not a macro mix. A great looking bottle and label hold a beautiful bright red mix with lots of visible herbs and spices floating around.

Pouring the mix into my glass I’m reminded of a Vietnamese pho restaurant. The smell is amazing. I first taste the mix on its own- no vodka. Immediately the fresh basil and savory shiitake mushroom flavors hit me. Wow! Delicious! Lemongrass and spice come right behind. Complex but balanced.

Adding vodka thins out the mix a bit while making it a bit more refreshing. The intense flavors now have a little space between them and are easier to identify.

I’ve tasted lots of avant-garde mixes and usually they go sideways trying to make an impression. This one nails it! A little heat but no more than you’d want. This mix is clearly the product of someone’s refined culinary skill.

I recommend a hazy IPA as beer chaser. It’s hearty enough to compliment all the flavors packed into this bloody Mary mix without dumping all over it.

Lynn Miller and I also tried Lovejoy’s rim salt- an herb-forward rim, it picks up the flavors of the mix and doubles down with a big hit of dried chive. Nice!

Lovejoy’s also makes a traditional bloody Mary mix. We didn’t review it on this episode but I’ve had it in the past. It’s great too. I understand they also make a melt-your-face-hot sauce. I may need to try that too.

A Link to Lovejoy’s Website

Highest marks on this mix!

We also interviewed Shelley Buchanan of the Drunken Tomato Awards- an event that I am proud to have judged at 4 times. Take a listen…..

 Shelley Buchanan of the Drunken Tomato Awards
Shelley Buchanan of the Drunken Tomato Awards

-Greg Tooke, MBFBM

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