Red Wine Bloody Mary Recipe

Red Wine Bloody Mary

I’ve always been a bloody Mary in the morning and red wine in the afternoon kind of gal. On the weekends, the mornings can magically turn to afternoon while I’m not looking. As a younger lush, I never felt right opening a bottle of Cabernet before 5pm. Now, well into my 40’s, cab’ time has crept up earlier and earlier. Alas wine time and bloody Mary time have eclipsed each other.

red wine bloody mary
The Perfect Eclipse

Enter: The Red Wine Bloody Mary– As many of my readers know, my taste in bloody Mary’s vary from fresh and crisp to bold and savory. Likewise, my wine choices run from the nice fresh Pinot grigio on the patio, to a bold zinfandel in front of the warm glow of my television. (I’m classy like that)
The red wine bloody Mary falls squarely into the bolder, more savory drink category. The twist of fresh lemon juice does give it a nice lip-smacking fresh quality, but from then on it’s a satisfying, full-bodied drink that affords the luxury of drinking wine early in the morning, while maintaining a, “she’s ok. I mean, it’s not like she’s drinking wine in the morning,” appearance. I like to think of that celery stalk as camouflage.

This drink is a great solution to that quarter-of-a-bottle-of-wine-leftover-from-last-night problem too.

So let’s get to it ladies. Whether you’re transitioning from brunch into happy hour, or just got a late start on breakfast, try this red wine bloody Mary recipe and start being colorful and witty long before your unsuspecting friends have opened a bottle.

Gather up the following ingredients;

Good Vodka. Mmm, vodka!
Clamato juice (tomato juice will work, but Clamato is less thick and more savory)
Fresh lemon
Red wine (I’ve used Cabernet and zinfandel)
Fresh cracked black pepper
Tabasco sauce
Celery salt
Worcestershire sauce
Celery stalk

Directions: Fill a large cocktail shaker with ice. Crack black pepper over the ice, then coat it with Worcestershire. (About a tablespoon) Add an ounce of vodka, an ounce of red wine, and a dash of Tabasco. Now top the drink with Clamato and shake. Rim a large glass with celery salt and pour the red wine bloody Mary into it. Oh, how I love the sound that makes!

Squeeze the fresh lemon over the top, give another turn of black pepper, and garnish with a stalk of celery and an olive or three.

Repeat as needed (PRN)



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Thanks to Heidi Blackstone for contributing this amazing red wine bloody Mary recipe!
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