Rim Salt Makes Your Bloody Mary Special

Bloody Mary Rim Salt

Rim Salt
Rim Shot by Demitri’s

Rim salt is what distinguishes an excellent bloody Mary good bloody Mary. Taking a little extra time to rim the glass with a flavored salt says, “I care and I want this drink to be special.”

Demitri’s offers two types of rim salt, which they term, “Rim Shot.” The traditional is a blend of Hawaiian sea salts, smoked salts, celery and a few secrets. The bacon rim salt is just plain amazing! Use it once and your friends will be asking for it again and again. Choose from 4 oz tin or pack of eight.

I like to mix my bloody Mary’s with minimal salt. A properly made, fresh bloody Mary is perfectly accented with the taste of these seasoned salts with each drink. If you are selling your drinks, this is one detail customers will remember and tell their friends about. Read through the site for more bloody Mary recipes. Cheers!

You might also enjoy Demitri Bloody Mary Mixes.  I highly recommend them!
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