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Best Bloody Mary Mix

Most of the time, a homemade bloody Mary recipe is the best solution to your morning cocktail question. Check around the site for various homemade bloody Mary recipes. The advantage to making your own is freshness. (Well, that and the empowering feeling that do it yourself brings) The problem with many bottled cocktail mixes is that they contain high levels of sodium and other preservatives. You see, once the tomato juice is mixed with the other spices, it begins to break down their flavors. That’s why a homemade bloody Mary tastes fresher. Here’s quick bloody Mary recipe to get you started:

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Homemade Bloody Mary Batch Recipe

In a 1/2 gallon jug, combine the following ingredients; juice of two limes, tsp cracked pepper, 4 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 2 tsp Tabasco sauce OR i tsp ground cayenne pepper, 2 tsp celery salt. Top it of with a good tomato juice and mix well. Keep the vodka separate and mix at the time of serving. This will keep your homemade bloody Mary mix its most fresh and delicious.

Best Bottled Mix?

best bloody Mary mix
If you are unable, or unwilling to create your own recipe, you may choose to buy a mix. If on the road, perhaps for a sporting event, or tolerating your Mother-in-Law, it might be the best option. But what is the best bloody Mary mix? Lord knows there are plenty to choose from. The staff at My Big Fat Bloody Mary has tried tens of bloody Mary mixes to find the best.

As mentioned, the problem with many bloody Mary mix recipes is that they contain high levels of sodium and preservatives. Why? to slow the degradation of flavor that begins the moment the acids of tomato juice meets those other spices. Here’s where the winner of our search for the best bloody Mary mix shines: They DON’T add the tomato juice- You do! Therefore, Demitri’s Bloody Mary mixes contain only a reasonable amount of salt and only natural ingredients. They have four flavors that range in spiciness to cover almost anyone’s taste: Classic, extra horseradish, chilis and peppers, and the fiery chipotle habenero.

The best bloody Mary recipe is not always the cheapest, and it may not be the easiest, but that’s not what you came here for, is it? Cheers!

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