Big Daddy’s Bloody Mary Mix Review

Big Daddy’s Bloody Mary Mix – Live Review

Big Daddy took some big hits in the course of our review. A couple review panelists really went off on the mix, and in particular its ingredients. In Big Dady’s defense, I must say that drinking the leftover mix the day after, the flavor sort of grew on me. Thick with lots of black pepper and tangy undertones, it’s definitely worth a try- unless you are absolutely opposed to high fructose corn syrup.
Check out our live Big Daddy’s Bloody Mary Mix Review:

Ratings: 1 to 77, with 1 being worst imaginable, and 77 being, well, like one we’d make.

Watch Here

Our panelists;

Greg             57/77

Deborah       33/77

Brad              61/77

Lynn              68/77


Big Daddy's Bloody Mary Mix Review

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