Blood Brothers Bloodshot Mix Review- Condensed Version

Greg and the crew review Blood Brother’s Bloodshot mixes

Blood Brothers Bloodshot Bloody Mary Mix Review
Blood Brothers Bloodshot Bloody Mary Mix Review

Enjoy this condensed version of the original podcast. Let’s face it- we got a little long winded!  I blame it on the delicious bloody Mary mixes from the good folks at Blood Brothers.  We tipped a few!  As you’ll hear, we were impressed with the three flavors we reviewed; Mild, Classic, and Hot.  Here’s a little back story from the company’s website:

Our Story

Our Blood Shot Mix  recipe was created by my father Ken Hoover, and his wife, Diane. This was just a family recipe that was made for Sunday’s and family parties. After Diane passed away, we decided to try to create a label and bottle it as a surprise for our father. Our vision was to get it into local restaurants, friends and family’s homes.

We worked hard to create a brand that he would be proud of, however, one week before we had the bottle completed, our father died. This was both shocking and devastating for our family. After his death, we all went our own way and the idea of the bottling the Bloody Mary Mix became just a hobby.

In an attempt to keep our family connected, I had a vision of creating a family business that would bring us together and reunite all of the brothers. After a long and arduous struggle, this has become our passion and we are all involved and dedicated to making this the family brand. I feel convinced that our father left this legacy for us so that his sons, Dax, Chris, Mick and James can all remain close. We all agree that there is no better way to honor his memory.

We work extremely hard on creating a one-of-a-kind, uniquely tasting Bloody Mary Mix and other products that separate us from the rest. We hope you will try our Blood Shot Mix  products and see for yourself why Blood Brothers is the best Bloody Mary Mix, marinade, BBQ Sauce and Dippin’ Sauce on the market.

This is the short version of how Blood Brothers Blood Shot Mix   started, minus all the blood, sweat and tears. With that said, “What’s your blood type?”  ~ Dax & Chris

In addition to the mixes, we also received the cool burlap bags featured below, as well as some temporary tattoos, and bad-ass garnish skewers.

So here’s how it stacked up:

   Blood Shot Mild

Lynn – 9 of 10

Brad – 74 of 77

Greg – 8.9 of 10


   Blood Shot Classic

Lynn – 7 of 10

Brad – 75 of 77

Greg – 9 of 10


  Blood Shot  Hot

Lynn – 10 of 10 !!!

Brad – 77 of 77 !!!

Greg – 9.5 of 10

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