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How to Make Cocktails

Tips for creating the best cocktail recipes

7 Ways to Ruin a Bloody Mary

The bloody Mary cocktail has seen a renewed popularity in 2013.  What began as a simple combination of gin or vodka and …

Rum Runner Drink Recipe

Memorable Rum Drink Recipes The Rum Runner It was March. I had taken a week off from everything-checked out. I needed to …

In Search of the Best Margarita Mix People who love Margarita’s, (in other words, those who have ever had a good one), will travel miles, read volumes, and torture bartenders to find the best Margarita mix … → 14/03/2013

What is in a Bloody Mary?

Bloody Mary Recipe Guide If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what is in a bloody Mary, wait, why not …