What is in a Bloody Mary?

what is in a bloody MaryBloody Mary Recipe Guide

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what is in a bloody Mary, wait, why not a dime…?

I’ll never remember my first bloody Mary. It was many years ago and unremarkable. My readers know that for many years now, I’ve devoted a moronic amount of time and energy to the preparing, serving, and drinking of bloody Mary recipes. I’ve spent even more time researching and blogging about what is in a bloody Mary. Since my first bloody Mary recipe, I’ve diverged into the exploration of all the things that vodka, tomato juice, V-8, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, horseradish, peppers, and some pretty crazy other stuff can become.

What you see here is the culmination of all of these excursions into, well inebriation many times, but also my travels, conversations, experiences serving, writing about what is in a bloody Mary, or what SHOULD be, and how it should be mixed.

How Do You Make a Bloody Mary?

Every single page of this site is open to comments. Please take a moment to share your critique, or your own bloody Mary recipe. I can’t carry this huge load all by myself. And, would it kill you to like us on Face Book? Come on man! Speaking of Face Book- We have a persona there. I post photos of my latest cocktail, as well as the gorgeous women I’m enjoying them with. Send me a friend request- I’m not picky about the company I keep!  My Big Fat Bloody Face Book

I’ve also had a damned good time guest bar tending at a few places, promoting Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings, trying to improve people’s quality of life through better cocktails. I’ve created several ridiculous videos to promote these events, as well as the bloody Mary recipe site in general. Check out our Youtube channel:  My Big Fat You Tube Channel 

So grab your shaker, and all those wonderful ingredients that make the bloody Mary the queen of cocktails, pour an icy cold beer to chase it with, and peruse these pages. Unless you’re completely illiterate or very stubborn, you’re bound to come away with a chuckle, a mild buzz, and a better understanding of what is in a bloody Mary.

Cheers! -Greg

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