Cheryl’s Secret Spicy Mix w Lynn Miller

INTRO:  Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series. 

Intro Guest : Lynn Miller

La Crosse Distillery-Field Notes

Whose corn-based vodka is just that, 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for an easy finish.

Bloody Mary Enthusiasts Unite 

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Last Episode/ Review: Stretches Pickles Bloody Mary Mix 

Word of the Day:” flavor”

Company We Review : Cheryl’s Secret Spicy Mix

Cheryl's Secret Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Review
Cheryl’s Secret Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Review

The Company Story: Cheryl Englert started making it for herself 4 years ago. After sharing with friends she kept being prompted to sell it. She finally felt confident after a blind tasting against her favorite bottled mix.  (Which was it?)

What’s on the Outside? 5 TBSP jar. Label looks like a clip -out coupon.  

Onto the ingredients: paprika, kosher salt, spices. 


Thickness:  we’re using Cheryl’s favorite – Clamato, so it’s thin.  

The Taste:Cheryl says,”My husband and I enjoy ours a little spicier, so I put 3 tsp in a 64 oz bottle of Clamato original.”

Where’s The Chaser?? 

Driftless Brewing Co. of Soldiers Grove WI – Driftless Brewing Company is a local southwest WI brewery and destination taproom.  We focus on supporting local/regional farms, co-ops and businesses with our ingredient purchases and use 80-90% local ingredients in our fine ales and lagers.   


ABV: 7.0% | IBU: 32


Where’s the Vodka??

Effect of Adding Vodka:

Retail Cost: $13.50 5 TBSP incl. S&H

How to learn more (Contact Info) Facebook only

Summary: Would I Buy it? –   Yes

Entertainment: Lynn sings, “Secret Agent Man,’ in honor of Cheryl’s Secret Mix!

Next Week: Mary’s Mixers menagerie and Willie Wisely!

Here’s an awful transcript of today’s podcast:

Grab your cocktail shaker, kick back and get ready for the big sound party. Greg and his band of unintelligible are back mixing, drinking, reviewing and discussing Bloody Marys, and all that goes with my big fat Bloody Mary podcast, where you’ll never drink alone.
Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We’re coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary concert series, where we are very excited to be hosting Willie wisely. In our next episode, you’ll actually get to hear a live performance from Willie. My guest today is the incomparable Lynn Miller. Welcome. Yay. Yes, it’s a bloody good day.
Indeed, indeed. And the fact that you use that word
that is the word of the day. Thank you to drink already. So we were starting right off the blocks here. The word is bloody you hear that word and we we have to take a drink so okay, there’s a water right now so you know where we bloody stuff poured yet for fair and unfair?
Well, we are as usual, being fueled by lacrosse, distilleries field notes, organic vodka, whose corn based vodka is just that 100% Midwestern organic yellow dead corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes, they used to break down the sugars in the corn. There’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It’s double distilled and filtered for a nice easy finish. I know we both appreciate that.
I love that.
It’s the good stuff. It is the good stuff. why we’ve been having some fun on the Bloody Mary enthusiast unite. I know you’re active on there, too. There’s a lot of people I knew people too. I think we hit 40,000. I’m not sure we’re real close to 40,000 people on there. That’s a lot of drinking buddies. We
we did a contest and we gave away some Ms. Mary’s mix to five lucky winners who we announced last week.
I’ve got a little something going lead and I haven’t even told you about this yet.
I know you’re just anticipating
we are going to do something locally here. Now. You know our listenership is very diverse. I mentioned last week that we had quite a few people in Belgium listening to Belgium. Well, we talked about it, you know, maybe.
But we also have a nice local contingency here in La Crosse, Wisconsin. And I was approached by the President of downtown Mainstreet Incorporated. Okay, he would like to do a let’s call it a Bloody Mary tour of sorts, so we kind of partner with them. And of course, lacrosse distillery in we don’t have all the details fleshed out just yet, but we will very soon. And I think it’s going to start in August, where people can get a punch card, and throughout the month, go to these different establishments. And we don’t know what kind of specials that might include or so forth. But at some point you you’ll finish out the card and throw it in for a drawing and there’ll be some cool prizes. So I’m pretty excited to be Yeah. And we’re going to do some live broadcasts from some of these very, we talked about the places we didn’t live for a few years ago, I remember. Yeah. I do vaguely remember.
Well, I’m pretty sure they’ll be on the circuit too. So we may just be returning to Dells to do we wear robes to that probably. That’s that was the bathroom period.
Oh my god bathroom. Oh my gosh. I have a picture of yourself on your bikes. Yeah, your robes in front of my house and your cowboy hats. And not role models, you know? Yeah, I remember crossing the Mexican border group of us all in bathrobes. Nobody looked twice at this. It did not turn any heads.
Well and speak at a local I don’t know if you caught I was on lacrosse local podcast here the other day, which is nice little podcasts. They feature a lot of local artists, local businesses and entrepreneurs. And they were kind of interested in these concerts that I do so we talked mostly about the the Bloody Mary concert about them, but I have yet to listen to listen to them. It’s worth a listen. Yeah, okay. Yeah, I’d recommend it for sure.
Well, we still got a few of these stickers, right the My Big Fat bloody
marry stickers. We’ve been selling them but I had this wild idea. If you share this podcast and tag us just take out my big fat Bloody Mary. I’ll throw in the hat for a set of five of these that I’ll give you for free. So just share this podcast however you’re listening on social media however you like. And just tag us My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast and we’ll get you in the drawing. You’ll probably get some stickers were easy. I was at TJ Maxx and summer it was another my big foot yet Bloody Mary came up so much the women there wrote down the DLCs on their little slips of paper because they’re all big Bloody Mary drinkers. So they were really excited about oh Erina getting on with UCS and our podcast, so that was kind of fun. It’s It’s amazing. Like people say, Hey, I love Bloody Marys. What is it you were talking about? Yeah.
Yeah, our listenership keeps growing and growing. You would think just a simple cocktail wouldn’t be enough fodder to really support a internationally popular podcast was, by golly, I guess I know, they asked my sister ever we’re going after TJ Maxx. So we’re gonna get a Bloody Mary, of course.
Well, last week, we reviewed stretches pickles, Bloody Mary mix, and that was with Mike Scott, you missed out on that one. And it was a pretty good one. We definitely had had a lot of fun. And today, we are reviewing Cheryl’s secret recipe. spicy seasoning mix. This is a powder it’s a concentrate. Oh really? So this is it right here. You are looking at it. Wow. Five tablespoon little concentrated. You don’t need much. And I have not tried it yet. So I’ve got it mixed up. Oh, this is interesting, because this is all my little salt shakers.
Yeah, yeah. Preca, kosher salt, spices.
Valium, five tips. One. So that’s really interesting. I just realized I said the word bloody.
Many times have we said I’d already someone keeping track.
And we’ll drink more. We’ll drink with y’all. We’ll see. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Yeah. And I hope people show up for these live events that we’re going to be doing. I’ll create a Facebook event so people know where we’re going to be and when it would be real fun to have some of our listeners there live definitely while we’re recording. Yeah. So the story on Cheryl’s secret, spicy, bloody mix, is that she started making it just for herself about four years ago. And, you know, she started sharing it with friends. And they kept telling her well, you got to sell this you got to sell this well. She just didn’t quite feel confident. And then she and her husband did a blind tasting against her favorite bottle mix. So she didn’t know which one she was drinking. And both of them chose hers over their favorite bottled mix and I don’t know what that mix was. She wouldn’t tell me but that gave her the confidence to start selling it so she does now and she does it primarily over Facebook. Ads. Yeah, take a look at that. You’ve kind of described it a little bit
it’s nothing fancy on that label it the label almost looks like a clip out coupon you know, it’s a little dashed line around it and
in Yeah, it’s just a little plastic. But a five five ounce
seasoning jar. And yes, you mentioned the ingredients Paprika is first kosher salt and then spices which she got sandwich. Yes, you see that a lot. I never quite understand that. Preca is a spice and kosher salt. Couldn’t you just say spices?
She puts three teaspoons in a 64 ounce bottle of Komodo original. Right?
Yeah, that’s what she told me to do. I chatted with her yesterday and she and her husband like a little spicy so she she instructed me to I think it was three teaspoons per bottle which she says is going to probably give us something a little bit spicy. Do you want to give it a try? She Oh definitely. I’m really curious about this
the garnish let’s get to the drink.
All right, let’s do it
so I’ve gone ahead mixed it up in advance and Cheryl really likes Colorado. So I have used that’s up to her. Okay, recommend it. Yep. Because I met a big we kind of weren’t doing the model for a long time but now
It’s kind of gotten to be more accepted, I guess or Yeah, I go there are people that just won’t drink it.
I’m not one of those people.
There you go. So we’re going to do it without any vodka the first time around just try it on its own colors very interesting model. It is it kind of brightens it I think from what Komodo normally would be that probably what the paprika doing that product because it sure doesn’t.
I see a little paprika floating on the ice cube
Oh, very savory.
Yes, it’s
I it’s got a really different
it’s not to not feed on me and spices. This is a nice one. It’s kind of lingering there. It’s not. Yeah, it’s not too hard. It’s a slow burn. I have a spiciness. I’m almost getting a little kind of an onion flavor. Is that? Am I just imagining that? Maybe there’s some onion powder?
Yes, I think you’re correct. And then she didn’t tell us her correct for
that we can all we can ask. That’s the best we can do. Cheryl
Yeah, well, it’s nice. I like it. I like it be narrow.
I think it’s one you could probably. And Cheryl herself even says if you like it with a little more spice, go ahead and add some more. And in fact, I’m gonna do that right now just for fun. This is one of the beauties of a powdered mix, you know, you can just kind of kick it up a little bit. So I’m adding a little more. I think I like it’s, it’s fine. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re not quite as
spicy, but not, you personally are spicy, just like your blood is that way.
So it hasn’t had the benefit of steeping, which is what I you know, I did make an advance so then the other flavors could steep into the juice. So what I’ve just put on now is he’s kind of sitting on top and it isn’t quite.
It’s not
well, we talk about thickness. And when we’re using Komodo obviously we’re starting from a pretty thin consistency. Now we’ve had some dried mixes that have real like chunks of herbs and pieces of dried horseradish and things. This isn’t like like those. This is a fine powder. I would describe it as Yeah, all you see is a little fine. Maybe it’s a paprika that’s floating. You know?
It’s a pretty drink. So
I recommend that extra shake for my tastes. I like it a little better now with that extra Yeah, I just sprinkle a little more on like you put salt on a hamburger. You know that that amount?
it is a little savoring just like Komodo is you know what I bet would taste really good with
some beer
I’m from Wisconsin, Greg. Where the hell is my beer chaser.
Chase me chase me.
Chase me.
So we what’s the chaser well as usual Driftless brewing company of soldiers Grove, Wisconsin.
It’s a company a local southwest Wisconsin brewery and a destination Taproom. They focus on supporting local regional farms co ops and businesses with their ingredient purchases, which I’m told are about 80 to 90% local ingredients for their beers, which is always cool. Now today, we are having the rolling ground IPA and I know you’re not a huge IPA Lin. I was worried this might be a little spicy and that
the IPA might help balance it out for you. So okay, so the the
the rolling ground IPA
is described as having layers of citrus pine and floral aromas to showcase the Midwest grown cascade Centennial and Chinook hops for those beer heads. They like all that technical data.
It’s got a nice real pretty amber color that I’m spilling all over my script
you definitely are hope you read it now. Oh yeah, it memorize.
We pretty much wing it anyway, let’s face it. Layers of citrus pine and floral. So this is a little more hoppy. It’s the Ibu rating is a 32 I think the one we had last week was like a toe
All those rural
Suzanne’s yeah the seaside the farmhouse fine. I know I don’t see that seems to be because I went I caught it because they didn’t have the coop had something that was so then I called festival and they didn’t have it so I asked the guy with the one that coop had it was close to Sousa because my kids were coming for dinner and yeah, I want to serve a good beer. Yeah, that is all of their beers are just outstanding. I’m so glad. Yeah, we had a saison I guess I couldn’t have liked it. That’s so easy drinking that one. I’d say that’s my guy like saying bloody says on.
There’s that word bloody alcohol by volume and this one is seven. So it’s a little higher than that. Says.
All in all, I think a pretty nice compliment. The rolling ground IPA with the Cheryl’s secret spicy seasoning. Kind of like going back and forth. But Lynn it’s not perfect yet. Is it?
Is it safe to say that we could add something that might kick this up even another notch? I guess so for heaven’s sake.
What’s a girl got to do to get a little vodka round here. Across the story. Bring it on. Bring it on blog blog.
Here we go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Well, I’m gonna give you some more mix. Don’t worry. I think we liked it because we drank down the mix almost. Empty. Portland is afraid I’m gonna give her a 90% Vodka.
Don’t worry, I got a whole jug of that mix. You get it? Well,
I got white pants on. I see that. Let’s keep them that way
how do you bruise tomato juice?
Yes, that’ll argument. Should you shake it? Should you stir it? She’s rolling. Fucking drink it.
Oops, sorry. There goes our G rating, folks.
So now we’ve added the field notes organic vodka to the mix and let’s let’s see the effect
that really makes it deelish.
Some more refreshing now. summer drink? Yeah. Really feels more like a summer drink to me that says we should be out on the back porch. You should be. So you can’t drink this in the heat of the day in the winter. No, no, this is really refreshing light. Yep. And you know the field though it’s vodka really does. I’ll confess I used to kind of think and doesn’t matter that much about the vodka. I used to say that. Yeah, so many seasonings and a bloody and certainly you’re not going to completely showcase a vodka in a bloody but it does make a difference. Now field notes. It’s corn based, which is I think gives it a bit sweeter disposition. And I do notice that yes, you’re right, because you mentioned that before and I hadn’t even really thought about except just just, just, I’ll just drink it. I don’t really think about too much. It tastes good, but I’m not sure why it tastes good. Right until you actually break it down. Yeah, it’s like hearing one of those orchestras where they break down each instrument and then you suddenly realize oh, that’s the woodwind.
Yeah, that makes a difference.
Well, this stuff retails at 1350 for one of these bottles. I’ll be honest, that struck me a little high, a little bit high and includes shipping and handling though. And it is highly concentrated. You know, we’ve already made a huge jug. I’ve added some to mine. I don’t even see that that level has gone down as well. It’s like a fool.
Speaking of which, I’m gonna give myself another dash. Hey, just looking at this. How can people find this mix?
What good question. This is a kind of small operation. I think you’re not going to find this in your chain grocery stores. The really the only way to get it is to reach out to her through Facebook. Now she’s in the group. That’s how I met her. Okay, the Bloody Mary enthusiast unite. But she’s on Facebook. Her page is at secret recipe dot Cheryl so that would be the way cute. Yeah, catchy. Yeah, very quaint.
You know, next week, I’m pretty excited.
I’m keeping people like in anticipation because they probably know you’re going to sing a song next week don’t right now. But I wanted to talk about next week.
Because think I had a whole week to rehearse no man i Spring these songs
yeah well if anyone can do it it’s you Oh yes yes that’s right I will do anything once yeah maybe twice if I like if you like it next week we’re gonna remember Mary’s mixers we did their their spicy mix and we did a contest we gave away their stuff well I got another box and their stuff remember we were talking about how good some of these other products sounded like habanero pineapple Margarita Korea as I see some bottles so we’re gonna have a party next week on we’re having a party we’re going to have Willie wisely play a song for us we’re going to we’re going to sample from these four different mixes one of them is a CBD infused mix yeah I don’t know if that’s gonna make us stoned or what I hope so yeah but so that’s that’s going to be a real fun one I can sing the song gets stone is there a song Get stone
there is there is but I think we got a guy hired for this
yes we got willingly Oh good. I have a day off you could take the day off. But not today. You can Lynn What do you think would you grace us with a song
quit talking Greg. I came to hear Lynn sang
a man who needs a life of danger
to care more he meets
a stranger the
movie makes another chance
live to see tomorrow the
secret agent man secret agent man
give you a number to take away your day
beware the faces that you find
a pretty face can hide
so be careful what you say.
Give yourself away
Joe you will live to see tomorrow with a
secret agent
secret agent man
giving you a number been taken away already.
Secret Agent man secret agent man that given you a number and take away
one day
in late Bombay
dissuasive lips
to see tomorrow.
Secret Agent man, Secret Agent man
if you remember
wasn’t too bad? That wasn’t too bad. Thank you
for it, are
you well, thank you then for once again gracing us
once again, man. Thanks for joining inland And thanks, everybody for listening everyone from Belgium to Brownsville. We really appreciate you. Hope you can join us again next week.
I hope you have nothing going on next Sunday. See you then.
are another big fat Bloody Mary podcast

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