Is it Too Late to Order a Bloody?

When is it Too Late to Order a Bloody Mary?

About twenty years ago, I stepped up to a bar in Wisconsin and ordered a bloody Mary. It was 1am.

“I ain’t makin’ that. It’s too late,” was the bartender’s response. This from a man who had just happily waited while three patrons slowly lined up to have upside-down shots poured in the area of their mouths.

When is it too late to order a bloody Mary?
Too late for a bloody?

“I’m sure the owner would be glad to hear that,” I said. What happened next was quite a sight. He climbed on top of the bar and was suddenly airborne descending rapidly upon me. One of us wound up in the hospital, the other with an even greater thirst for bloody Mary’s.

Bloody Mary’s are certainly associated with mornings.  Whiskey tends to be an evening drink.  If I order a whiskey at 9am, or a bloody at 9pm, shut your mouth and make it. Thanks.  – Greg Tooke My short bio