Mike and Brenda’s Bloody Mary Mix Review

Mike and Brenda's Bloody Mary Mix Review

Mike and Brenda’s Salsa – Bloody Mary Mix Mike and Brenda’s is a small family company from Henderson, Minnesota. They got their start making salsa. They make five salsa varieties; Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, and OMG Pineapple Salsa. Here’s what they have to say about their salsa; “Welcome to our Salsa world! We’ve been making […]

Why I Voted For Donald Trump

You Might Wonder Why I Voted For Trump —————————————————- Two Words: I Didn’t You didn’t actually think I did, did you? Jesus!

Snopes Article Deemed Fake

Snopes Article Fake

Further Investigation Reveals Scope’s Article Debunking Claim Actually Fake   CLAIM: Story about one of the winners who shared the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot succumbed within days to a cocaine overdose is urban folklore FALSE EXAMPLE: [Collected via e-mail, January 2016] Hey man- this is an urban myth. I read about it in Snope’s” ORIGIN:One of […]

Citizens Asked to Help Clear Downed Power Lines

Duke Electric Asks Citizens to Help Clear Downed Power Lines SETH THOMAS AP Science Writer Boston, MA – After record snowfalls in the Northeast, residents are digging out. Aside from the challenge of clearing driveways and sidewalks, many New Englanders are finding themselves without power. Extreme snowfall coupled with high winds has knocked down much […]

Bloody Mary’s- What’s the Big Fat Deal ?

outrageous bloody Mary

by Greg Tooke of My Big Fat Bloody Mary  December 26th, 2014   Look around the internet, watch cable TV, or stop into your favorite restaurant or bar.  There are bloody Mary’s all over the place. Books have been written, contests have been waged, and bartenders from around the country seem to be competing to […]

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Restaurant Cited for Human Head Garnish

BY MY BIG FAT PRESS SHEBOYGAN, WIS. (AP) –  Health officials in Sheboygan, Wisconsin closed a local restaurant today for what it called, improper food handling and murder. Jack’s Brunch Alibi, a family owned sports bar and grill featuring daily lunch specials and Packer game day drink pricing, was cited for several health code violations, […]

Home Made Bloody Mary

Scarface Bloody Mary

If you want a thing done right,                                      you’ve got to do it yourself