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Thoughts, tips, rants, and raves about daytime drinking and cocktail mixing

Don’t Be a Stooge- Drink Responsibly

Drink Responsibly Don’t Forget the Chaser Don’t Use a Pre-mix Don’t Spill Don’t Steal a Friend’s Chaser Don’t Steal a Friend’s Girl …

Wisconsin Beer Chaser

Fred Rodgers taught us so much as children. Now he brings an important life lesson to bartenders…

When is it too late to order a bloody Mary?

When is it Too Late to Order a Bloody Mary? About twenty years ago, I stepped up to a bar in Wisconsin and ordered a bloody Mary. It was 1am. “I ain’t makin’ that. It’s too … → 21/02/2014

How to Make Bloody Mary's FAQ

Q: What’s the best bloody Mary mix? A: I’m not a big fan of pre-made, bottle bloody Mary mixes.  My general advice is to avoid them entirely. If you absolutely must, Zing Zang makes a popular … → 10/02/2014

An overview of the 5 best mixed drinks on the planet No one can accuse the staff of My Big Fat Bloody Mary of not doing their homework when it comes to cocktail research.  As any … → 25/06/2013