Morning Wood Bloody Mary Mix Review

“Rise to the Occaision”

The Story

Located in Des Moines IA, Morning Wood is one of several newer mixes with an edgy marketing approach. Sam and I discussed this in our last podcast episode. (Uncle Walts Bloody Mary Review)

From their website:

Morning Wood Bloody Mary Mix

Stiffens Up The Competition

Morning Wood Bloody Mary Mix is a premium craft bloody mary mix made in West Des Moines, Iowa. As bloody mary lovers, we found it hard to find the perfect mix. That inspired us to create Morning Wood Bloody Mary. 

Do you ever find yourself adding every hot sauce, seasoning, or spice in hopes to create the perfect flavor? 

Well, those days are over. 

Morning Wood Bloody Mary Mix comes in two flavors; Original and Dill where only three steps are needed. 1 part vodka to 3 parts mix poured over ice and you are set. 

Unlike our competition, we value serving a Premium Product that is FREE from Artificial Coloring, Adulterants, and Impurities. Our aim is to be a nationally recognized brand with a grasp of several large markets. 

What’s on the Outside?

I always start with a visual review of the bottle. The company sent two bottles; the Original and a new flavor- “Thrill of Dill.” I’ll address the dill later but for now, I’ll focus on the original. Unlike the last couple mixes we reviewed, Morning Wood Bloody Mary mix comes in a glass bottle. (No pun intended!) I prefer this to plastic or a jar. It’s easier to pour and I don’t worry about plastic leaching into the mix. The label is eye-catching and fun. It features a cartoon bird sitting a wooden branch. The bottle’s neck is clad in a plastic wrap the implores us to, “shake it baby!” -Good advice.

Looking through the glass, the mix is a very dark red color. Lots of dark flecks float around- Black pepper? Looks thick and rich.

Onto the ingredients:

Morning Wood Bloody Mary Mix Ingredients

Well it starts off ok but as the ingredient list progresses we get into some questionable stuff. Xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate do not reside in my kitchen- yours? …”Shelf stability,” I suppose.

The Taste

I always start by tasting a mix on its own- no vodka. This first taste is thick, tangy, and full of Worcestershire. Mouth feel is thick and saucy with some acidity.

Adding Vodka

With the addition of vodka, all the tastes and feels are reduced. It thins out, becomes less acidic, and a bit more drinkable.


Overall I’d say this mix is what people in the Midwest expect when they order a bloody. If you like Zing Zang, you’ll like Morning Wood Bloody Mary Mix. It’s bold, tangy, sweet, and a bit thick.

The Dill flavor, Thrill of the Dill, is better. Less salt, more sweet. Not heavy on dill but present. It’s a little higher in acidity. I find it more interesting with a better balance of flavor. If I was served the Thrill of Dill at a bar I’d be happy.

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