Best Steak Marinade Recipe

 Bloody Mary Meets the Best Steak Marinade Recipe

best steak marinade recipe
best steak marinade recipe

Cast Iron Skillet Bloody Mary Steak Marinade Recipe

You love steak. You love bloody Mary’s. Do the math! This delicious recipe for best steak marinade will make your mouth water and impress your guests. It’s easy, simple, and almost foolproof. Use a cast iron skillet for the very best searing to the steak. The recipe also works well for grilled steak though. Allow enough time for the steaks to warm to room temperature. I usually start the bloody Mary steak marinade mid-afternoon and cook at dinner time. And hey, as long as you have the bloody Mary ingredients out, why not shake up a spicy bloody Mary while you’re getting things ready?
Save a little time? Try Demitri’s bloody Mary seasoning:

Cast Iron Skillet
Cast Iron Skillet

 Bloody Mary Best Steak Marinade Recipe

By Greg Tooke
Published: April 8, 2010
Enjoy this mouth watering blend of rich bloody Mary flavors and grilled tenderloin steak

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Prep time: 2 hrs
Cook time: 10 min
Total time: 2 hrs 10 min
Yield: 4 steaks (4 servings)

Serving size: 4 steaks
Calories per serving: 452
Fat per serving: 7g


tomato juice:

3 oz

4 tenderloin steaks:
2 lbs

celery salt:
1/4 tsp

Worcestershire sauce:
1 tbsp

fresh lime juice:
2 oz

black pepper:
1/4 tsp

virgin olive oil:
1/4 cup


Steak Marinade: Thoroughly mix tomato juice, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, celery salt, and fresh lime juice in a large mixing bowl. Combine with tenderloin steaks in a one gallon sealed bag and let sit at room temperature for approximately two hours.

Cooking Steak: Remove steaks from the steak marinade bag and cover both sides with fresh coarse ground black pepper. Saute extra marinade over medium neat for ten minutes, let cool.  Heat cast iron skillet to medium high. Once hot, place steaks in pan for 5 minutes. Turn with tongs and cook 5 more minutes. Allow to stand at room temperature for 2 minutes. Pour sauteed marinade over steaks and serve.  Yum! 




Elvis Presley Bloody Mary Recipe

Elvis Presley Cocktail Recipe

elvis presley Bloody Mary recipe

Queen of Cocktails Meets the King of Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley cocktail recipe- a convergence of forces. Memphis Tennessee in the mid 1950’s. The blues & gospel, Country western and hillbilly, blacks and whites: they all came together to give birth to rock and roll music. The man through which all of these energies flowed, and electrified the world was the King- Elvis Presley.

Thirty five years after his passing, the world remembers the legend of Elvis Presley. In celebration of the convergence and joining of styles and people, I present the Elvis Presley Cocktail. The queen of cocktails, Bloody Mary, meets the King of Rock and roll- Elvis!

Elvis had an appetite for life.  he also had an appetite for delicious food and drink.  This Elvis Presley cocktail is a blending of some of the King’s favorites.

Start out with a nice Tennessee whiskey.  That’s right, whiskey! A few days in advance, cut up a banana and place in a one quart Mason jar, along with a handful of roasted peanuts in the shell.  Fill the jar with whiskey, cover and let sit for three to five days.

*Read more about infusing vodka and other spirits

To make the Elvis Presley cocktail recipe, fill a large cocktail shaker with ice. Grind a few turns of fresh black pepper and lightly coat the ice with southern hot sauce.  Pour two ounces of infused whiskey.  Top off with tomato juice and shake vigorously.  Pour into a large glass and garnish with cooked bacon, pickle, and a banana slice.  Serve with a Pepsi-cola chaser.  Mmm, that’s alright Mama!


tomato juice:

8 oz
peanut and banana infused whiskey:
2 oz

hot sauce:
1 tbsp

black pepper:
1/4 tsp


Fill a large glass with ice. Coat the ice with black pepper and hot sauce, then add remaining ingredients. Pour contents into a shaker and shake well. Pour back into glass and grind a bit more pepper over the top. Garnish with banana, pickle, and cooked bacon. Serve with Pepsi-cola chaser

More Bloody Mary Recipes

What is in a Bloody Mary?

what is in a bloody MaryBloody Mary Recipe Guide

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what is in a bloody Mary, wait, why not a dime…?

I’ll never remember my first bloody Mary. It was many years ago and unremarkable. My readers know that for many years now, I’ve devoted a moronic amount of time and energy to the preparing, serving, and drinking of bloody Mary recipes. I’ve spent even more time researching and blogging about what is in a bloody Mary. Since my first bloody Mary recipe, I’ve diverged into the exploration of all the things that vodka, tomato juice, V-8, Clamato, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, horseradish, peppers, and some pretty crazy other stuff can become.

What you see here is the culmination of all of these excursions into, well inebriation many times, but also my travels, conversations, experiences serving, writing about what is in a bloody Mary, or what SHOULD be, and how it should be mixed.

How Do You Make a Bloody Mary?

Every single page of this site is open to comments. Please take a moment to share your critique, or your own bloody Mary recipe. I can’t carry this huge load all by myself. And, would it kill you to like us on Face Book? Come on man! Speaking of Face Book- We have a persona there. I post photos of my latest cocktail, as well as the gorgeous women I’m enjoying them with. Send me a friend request- I’m not picky about the company I keep!  My Big Fat Bloody Face Book

I’ve also had a damned good time guest bar tending at a few places, promoting Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings, trying to improve people’s quality of life through better cocktails. I’ve created several ridiculous videos to promote these events, as well as the bloody Mary recipe site in general. Check out our Youtube channel:  My Big Fat You Tube Channel 

So grab your shaker, and all those wonderful ingredients that make the bloody Mary the queen of cocktails, pour an icy cold beer to chase it with, and peruse these pages. Unless you’re completely illiterate or very stubborn, you’re bound to come away with a chuckle, a mild buzz, and a better understanding of what is in a bloody Mary.

Cheers! -Greg

Bloody Mary Martini – A Recipe

Demitri's Seasonings
Order Demitri’s Directly Here!

Bloody Mary Martini (Dirty Mary)

The Bloody Mary Martini is a bloody martini recipe of sorts. I created it one evening when I felt a bit too full for a complete Bloody Mary, but craved the rich goodness of all that flavor.

bloody martini
bloody martini

This bloody Mary martini recipe, or Dirty Mary, as my friends have come to call her, is an excellent evening cocktail. It offers all the spicy and savory flavors of a bloody Mary, but presents in a more sophisticated manner. It’s delicious, less filling, but quite potent!

Like any good bloody Mary martini, it starts by chilling a martini glass. Fill it with ice and water while you mix the drink.

Pour bacon infused vodka over peppered ice cubes, but any good quality vodka will do. Add a dash of Worcestershire, a pinch of cayenne, and an ounce of Clamato shaken profusely and strained into a martini glass rimmed with Parmesan and celery salt. Garnish with a roll of honey smoked ham. Feel free to let your artistic side go wild with garnish ideas. In fact, I’d love to hear your ideas on the Bloody Mary Recipe Forum.

The Bloody Martini also works well with gin substituted for vodka, if you’re partial to gin, that is. If you’re not a fan of Clamato juice cocktail, try using V-8 juice cocktail for a fresh flavor.


For a slighter easier version of the bloody Mary martini recipe, try it this way:

Infused Vodka | How to Infuse Vodka

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Infused Vodka

How to infuse vodka
How to infuse vodka

How to Infuse Vodka
Infused vodka was a turning point for me. I have come a long distance on my journey to the perfect bloody Mary recipe. As a student of the Hemingway school, I mixed them by the pitcher and believed, “anything less is worthless.” As I learned that one size does not always fit all, I began hand crafting my bloodies, one at a time, to the tastes of my guests. These guests have guided my hand as I explored various ratios of ingredients and new flavors.

I learned very early that most of the common ingredients in a bloody Mary contain salt. I like salt but, like Tylenol in a good pain-killer, it limits the amount of each ingredient one can safely add. (Thank God- there’s no salt in vodka!)

In order to take more control over my bloody Mary, I began buying fresh peppers, celery, garlic, onions, and horseradish root, and dehydrating them. I’d then grind them and sprinkle varying amounts into my bloody Marys, without fear of overdosing on sodium. It’s wonderful and I recommend trying it! Once I developed what I thought was a good ratio of each, I concocted an,”Ultimate Bloody Mary Seasoning Mix.” (I may sell it, but for now, I’m keeping it!)

Then I got thinking…That dehydrator kicks out heat all night long. Why spend all of that energy dehydrating my lovely vegetables, only to re-animate them later? Inspired by the cold press coffee movement, and my eco-frenzied sweetheart, I had an epiphany. I would eliminate the energy and flavor sucking middle man, and infuse these vegetables directly into my infused vodka!

I buy organic, and when possible, locally grown vegetables, cut them into quarters, pack them into a large glass decanter, and fill with vodka. In about ten days I feel like an alchemist with a gallon of gold. Here are a few things I’ve infused into my vodkas over the past year:

Infused vodka is not limited to the obvious. I’ve infused lemons, limes, peppercorns, horseradish root, radishes, habanero, jalapeno, bell, and banana peppers, onions, garlic, celery, even bacon. (Mmm) Next on my list are fresh dill weed and cucumbers.

Nothing beats the full fresh flavor that infused vodka creates. I still enjoy going back to a Hemingway from time to time, but most of my bloody’s these days spring from that lovely decanter.

A few things to keep in mind in regard to infused vodka;

Leafy vegetables and porous items infuse quickly. a few days is all that is needed. Peppers are a great choice for your infused vodka but be careful. If you leave them in the booze more than a week or two, the vodka will become bitter. Infusing with bacon is a delicious way to improve your bloody Mary but be sure the bacon is fully cooked before infusing!
Greg Tooke My short bio

Feel free to share your own infused vodka ideas by clicking on the COMMENTS link below. Cheers!

So you have your infused vodka-now what? Check out some of our bloody Mary recipes!

Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary Bars

What Makes a Great Bloody Mary Bar?

bloody Mary bar
bloody Mary bar

Bloody Mary bars are a fun and practical way to deliver high quality, personalized bloody Mary cocktails to large numbers of people. If set up correctly, guests can take pride and ownership of their bloody. You’ll seldom get complaints and people will talk about the awesome cocktail they created at your bloody Mary bar.

As I’ve stated in various bloody Mary recipes, there are two very important factors affecting the quality of this drink: Freshness and temperature. Keep the bloody Mary ingredients as chilled as possible. Filling a salad bar or large tub or cooler with crushed ice is a good start.

Keeping the individual ingredients properly chilled will ensure that they retain their flavor and taste their best. It will also allow you to keep the unused portions longer. It’s also important to keep ingredients separate to the greatest extent possible. While it is handy to prepare the best bloody Mary mix in advance, remember: as soon as tomato juice is mixed with other ingredients, the acids in it begin to break them down. The other advantage to keeping the ingredients separated is that unused portions can easily be put back into cold storage for use in your next bloody Mary bar.

It’s best to give your guest an ice filled glass with vodka poured from the bar and let them run from there. Rim salt is also a nice touch. Demitri’s makes a phenomenal bacon rim salt. There is real excitement as he or she carries that vessel of potential to your bloody Mary bar.

So what ingredients should a good bloody Mary bar be stocked with? Let’s start from left to right, and let’s arrange the ingredients of the bloody Mary bar this way too. It will allow for a smooth flow of traffic. On a side note, try to place the bloody Mary bar in a fairly open, accessible area. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting in a line behind some tight little alcove while Aunt Verna considers the pro’s and cons of garlic stuffed olives.

Start with good quality tomato juice and V-8 juice. If you must, offer your famous Uncle Freddie’s secret xxx bloody mix. Label each clearly. Moving right, and still in the chilled portion of the serving area, place as many hot sauces as possible. At a minimum, offer regular and green chili Tabasco, siracha, and one other. In the same area place the Worcestershire. (A must!) As you move further right, get a little creative: pickle juice? fresh horseradish? Place two bowls of cut citrus: one lemon, the other lime.

Now the fun part. This is what people remember, talk about, take pictures of, and post to social media. The garnish! Cover the basics. -of course. Pickles, celery, olives, cheese cubes all should be present. Don’t stop there. Make your bloody Mary bar something to talk about. Consider adding items like pickled onions, okra, cherry peppers, peperoncini, garlic stuffed olives.  Bacon is very hot right now. Other meats like beef jerky, pepperoni, and summer sausage are great too. Because they’re salted, they hold up well too. Be sure to provide skewers large enough to accommodate a good sampling of these bloody Mary bar garnishes.

Finally, at the far right, and out of the ice, stock a black pepper grinder, ground cayenne pepper, and fresh ground celery salt. (Another must!) When it’s all set up, call me. It sounds great!

Cheers! -Greg Tooke My short bio

***Have you been to a really good bloody Mary bar?  Tell the world about it.  Think you have a good one?  Here’s your chance to brag! Enter comments below.  Thanks!

Bloody Mary Ingredients

What are the Ingredients for the Best  Bloody Mary?

bloody mary ingredients
Fresh is best for your bloody Mary

When it comes to Bloody Mary’s, ingredients can make or break your cocktail. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are as you blend and shake your bloody Mary recipe. To make the very best bloody Mary mix,  pay close attention to detail. If your ingredients are stale or of low quality, your drink will suffer. As a wise man once said, “garbage in – garbage out!” Let’s take a moment to study the importance of good ingredients.

To keep things simple, let’s just discuss the most common bloody Mary ingredients:
Tomato Juice
Celery Salt
Lemon or Lime
Black Pepper
Worcestershire Sauce
Cayenne Pepper or Other Heat

Tomato Juice: I listed this as the first bloody Mary ingredient for a reason. All recipes begin here. The drink contains more tomato juice than any other ingredient. I recommend taste testing a few juices to see which taste the best on their own. In a perfect world, we’d all press our own fresh tomato juice. Short of that, you will find huge differences between juices. I’ve had good luck with Sacramento brand. Some like V-8 tomato cocktail. Be careful- the original has lots of salt. I use the low sodium variety. Bottom line: Don’t skimp on this important part of any bloody Mary!

Vodka: If you’re like me, this ingredient is a very close second to tomato juice in terms of volume in the drink. If you can afford it, go ahead and buy the best. I would. If you’re like me however, you will realize that, unless you really mix a strong bloody Mary, the vodka is NOT that important. I never thought I’d say it, but it’s true. The bloody Mary contains so many ingredients, that a lesser vodka can usually suffice.

Celery Salt: this is one of my favorite seasonings. It gives the drink that distinctive fresh lip-smacking quality. Be careful though. Most celery salts you’ll find on your store shelf are mostly salt and often quite old. I’ve decided to grind whole celery seed myself and add a little salt. It gives me greater control. Most co-ops or better grocery stores do sell pure ground celery salt. buy it and store it in a cool dark place.

Lemon or Lime: The key to achieving a good fresh finish to your bloody is citrus.  I like to use a wedge of each.  Limes are nice because they won’t clog your straw or the spigot of your decanter with seeds and pulp.  Modern genetic engineering and chemical use has ruined these fruits for me.  Lemons seem to have more peel that flesh.  I buy organic and advise my friends to as well.  Again- don’t skip this one !

Black Pepper : I will not bend on this one.   Grind it fresh. Period!  Mix it in your bloody Mary mix, but also grind a little on the top of your cocktail before serving.  There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh black pepper as that bloody Mary approaches your lips.

Worcestershire Sauce: This mysterious sauce, pronounced, “wurst-a-shire,” is the ingredient that gives the bloody Mary her bold, savory, and satisfying flavor.  Lea & Perrins owns the market.  Theirs is a solid product.  I use it 90% of the time.  Again, watch the salt.  I use their reduced sodium variety.  I’m not a health nut, I just don’t like the cumulative effect of multiple ingredients that each bring a boat load of salt to my cocktail table.  It is, in my estimation, THE most common mistake of bartenders- adding too much salt, without even knowing it.

Cayenne Pepper: This is where tastes really diverge.  Level of heat varies wildly between individuals.  One trick I’ve learned is to buy the lower heat, (as measured in skovel units), cayenne pepper powder.  This allows you to add more without risking a law suit.  Always buy fresh and in small amounts to avoid using stale flavor.  Another option for bringing heat to your cocktail is to infuse your vodka with a fresh pepper or two for about a week.  Jalapeño works beautifully!

Horseradish: This last ingredient is last for a reason.  It’s completely optional.  Some people will refuse a bloody Mary if they see this ingredient floating in it.  Ask before adding it.  With that said, fresh horseradish can add an interesting dimension to your bloody Mary. If you’ve ever felt that eye-watering sensation as it’s essence hits the nasal passages, you know what I mean.  The main caution here: Use fresh ground, from the refrigerated section, NOT a sauce!

Good luck to you as you assemble your arsenal of bloody Mary weapons.

-Greg Tooke My short bio

Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix Review

Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix Recipe

– The Tabasco brand has been the goto pepper sauce in millions of American homes for decades. Most of us recognize the distinctive diamond shaped label as clearly as the markings of a poisonous snake. With such a well established brand that seems to be included in most bloody Mary recipes, it seems a logical brand progression then for the company to create Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix.

Tabasco Sauce
Tabasco Sauce

Yeah, they did.

A Review:

My regular readers know that I’m not a big fan of bloody Mary mixes. With the exception of Demitri’s bloody Mary seasonings, I’ve never given one my seal of approval. I keep an open mind though. Let’s face it, ready-made mixes are easy. They cost more than making a bloody Mary from scratch, but hey, we all get lazy at times. When I passed by the Tabasco bloody Mary mix at my favorite liquor store, I stopped. The first thing I look at in a bloody Mary mix is the ingredient list.

Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix Ingredients
Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix Ingredients

Not too bad. I didn’t see a lot of stuff that doesn’t occur in nature or exist in my kitchen on the Tabasco bloody Mary mix so I bought a bottle. (What the heck, I can write it off as a business expense!)

Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix Review

Tabasco Bloody Mary

Got it home, popped the top and took a whiff. Hmm, something familiar about the smell. It didn’t remind me of a bloody Mary- something else…I mixed it with ice and a little vodka and took a swig. What in the Hell? Now I know the familiar smell: Campbell’s tomato soup from a can. Balls! I’ve had better bloody’s in jail! Once it cleared the palette, I ran for a chaser. This product would be great for bars wanting to sell beer. Like sucking on a salty peanut, the sodium in this crap made my tongue feel like beef jerky. The beer tasted damn good! I grabbed the bottle and confirmed my feeling. This fricking cocktail held 58% of the sodium recommended for an entire day. Thanks alot Tabasco! 1380 milligrams. WHAM!

Tabasco bloody Mary mix

The nice thing about this mix is that not only does it have enough salt to choke a horse and taste like canned soup, it also lacks any zip. That diamond shape that strikes fear into the heart of your aunt Florence has no place on this bottle. Where’s the spice? Instead of a nice little burn, this stuff leaves an oily salt feeling. Bummer. I think I’ll heat the remainder of the bottle on the stove, pour it into a bowl, and bust crackers over it. I’ll be sure to have a big glass of something to wash it down with.

And so, on a scale of 1 to 7.3, I give Tabasco bloody Mary mix a solid 2. It’s a good beer enhancer. **
-Greg Tooke My short bio