Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe

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Perfect Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe

spicy bloody Mary recipe
Recipe for Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail

Here’s a perfect balance of savory flavor with plenty of heat to help you sweat out that hangover. Any ham-handed bartender can simply dump a pool of Tabasco sauce into tomato juice, vodka, and Worcestershire sauce and call it a spicy bloody Mary recipe. Let’s do better.

This recipe will give a rich and complex spice without bruising the tongue with too much salt or other seasonings. Obviously, any bloody Mary mix can be tweaked to an individual’s taste. Most spices found in mixes come from cayenne pepper. That’s fine. Cayenne gives a nice tip-of-the-tongue heat. It’s a good start. We’re going to take your taste buds for more of a ride than that though. The Big Fat Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe starts at the tip, works its way back the tongue, and then hits the sinuses. Got your attention? Good!Lets on this 3 stage burn. Cayenne wil be stage one, jalapeño stage two, and fresh wasabi stage 3.

*The cornerstone of this recipe is a jalapeño pepper infused vodka. Keep it on hand at all times. Simply drop one or two jalapeño peppers into a bottle of vodka and let it sit for a week. (If it lasts 2 weeks, remove the peppers before they get bitter.) The heat is all back of the tongue.

Be sure you have an ice cold beer to chase this spicy bloody Mary down with.
[schema type=”recipe” name=”Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe” author=”Greg Tooke” pubdate=”2013-04-30″ image=”http://mybigfatbloodymary.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/spicy-bloody-mary-recipe-300×199.jpg” description=”Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe. Complex and delicious with 3 stages of heat. Sweat out a hangover with this spicy cocktail recipe.” prepmins=”3″ yield=”16 oz” calories=”155″ fatcount=”0″ sugarcount=”34″ saltcount=”148″ ingrt_1=”6 oz Sacramento tomato juice” ingrt_2=”2 oz jalapeño infused vodka” ingrt_3=”1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce” ingrt_4=”1 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice” ingrt_5=”1/4 tsp wasabi” ingrt_6=”1/8 tsp celery salt” ingrt_7=”1/8 tsp cayenne pepper powder” ingrt_8=”1/8 tsp fresh cracked pepper” instructions=”Fill a large glass with ice. Add all ingredients in reverse order listed. Pour into cocktail shaker, back to large glass, repeat. Sprinkle extra turn of cracked pepper and a squeeze of lim over top. Serve with cold India Pale Ale of choice. Enjoy!” ]

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