Stretches Pickles Bloody Mary Mix Review

With Mike Scott

INTRO:  Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series. 

Intro Guest : Mike Scott!

La Crosse Distillery-Field Notes

Whose corn-based vodka is just that, 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for an easy finish.

Bloody Mary Enthusiasts Unite – Contest Winners!

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Montenegro is a Balkan country with rugged mountains, medieval villages and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline. The Bay of Kotor, resembling a fjord, is dotted with coastal churches and fortified towns such as Kotor and Herceg Novi.

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Last Episode/ Review: Frankies Fine Brine

Word of the Day: Vodka

Company We Review : Stretch’s Bloody Mary Mix-Stretches Pickles

Stretches Pickles Bloody Mary Mix Review
Stretches Pickles Bloody Mary Mix Review

The Company Story: Out of Worcester Massachusetts, Worcestershire sauce is perhaps Worcester’s most famous product. It was first produced in Worcester by two chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins, and went on sale in 1837. It is still produced in the city today, although the origin of the recipe remains a mystery

Pronounced, “What’s-This-Here-Sauce”

“IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BRINE!  Cheers! To Stretch’s Bloody Mary Mix for pickle lovers. We’ve taken the traditional Bloody Mary and infused it with dill and cucumber and finished it off with a healthy amount of horseradish! Just add your favorite spirit and this creation is sure to tantalize the palate!”

Notes from interview:


Started working for them 2016 – bought company- just pickles – 2019 – Covid – nowhere to produce- year off

One of our biggest sellers.  Real cukes. Pickled Cukes and adding vinegar. Follow on instagram or Facebook- 

Distribution- Central Mass.  50 stores. Small batch craft. 20-24 cases per batch.  Retail. $10.99-13.99 what is unique? The flavor- pickled bloody Mary, spices

What’s on the Outside? Wide-mouth medicine style bottle 

Onto the ingredients: Posted on the front page of the website!

Stretches Pickles Bloody Mary Mix Ingredients
Stretches Pickles Bloody Mary Mix Ingredients

Solid- No bull!


Thickness: Thin base with 3D particulates- horseradish and pickled cucumber

The Taste: Fresh, tart, sweet

Where’s The Beer Chaser?? 

Driftless Brewing Co. of Soldiers Grove WI – Driftless Brewing Company is a local southwest WI brewery and destination taproom.  We focus on supporting local/regional farms, co-ops and businesses with our ingredient purchases and use 80-90% local ingredients in our fine ales and lagers.   


Where’s the Vodka??

Effect of Adding Vodka: Not significant. Reveals some spice, reduces density of particulates

Retail Cost: $10.00

How to learn more (Contact Info) or Insta

Summary: Would I Buy it? – Yes  !

Next Week: Cheryl’s, ”Secret Recipe,” Spicy Seasoning Mix


Grab your cocktail shaker, kick back and get ready for the big fat party. Greg and his band of unintelligibles are back mixing, drinking, reviewing and discussing Bloody Mary’s, and all that goes with them. My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast, where you’ll never drink alone.
Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We’re coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary concert series where in just a few days, we’ll be hosting Willie wisely and his whole crew might have a ticket or two left. Check it out at the Bloody Mary concert I’m here with Mike Scott. Welcome back, Mike
hanging out once again. Thanks for having me.
It is a business doing pleasure to be sure. Our listeners are regular listeners and a lot of local folks know about your footsteps of lacrosse walking tours, how have you started those
as a matter of fact, and I’ve been doing a few private ones as well. So the one I do is the ghosts of historic lacrosse, walking tour. And it’s a fundraiser for the library, part of the proceeds go back to them. And lots of fun takes about an hour and 10 minutes. And it’s great walk through historic downtown. And but if you’re going to footsteps and You’ll see all types of walking tours, great things to do in this fantastic river town we live in Oh,
indeed. You know, I was thinking if you had some awkward guests in town family and you know, you’re just kind of thinking what can we do to get out of this room? That would be a great avenue to take visitors to Right. Right, spread out a little bit and put the focus on on Mike Scott, instead of how deserted or houses are, you know, it seems like a good idea. So
keep on going, Kevin from talking politics.
Exactly. Right. Shut him right down. scare him a little bit of focus elsewhere. I like it. I like it a lot. Well, today as usual, we’re being fueled by lacrosse distillery field notes, whose corn based vodka is just that 100% Midwestern organic, yellow dead corn. The sides of the yeast and the enzymes they used to break down the sugars in the corn. There’s nothing else used to make this spirit and it’s double distilled and filtered for an easy finish. Amen. Hell, man, I can’t wait to get to it. We hold off a little bit though. Don’t wait. We dangle that out there. And we got to do a little bit of work first before we earned our field notes.
Well, I think having Field Notes has kind of up the class of this place. I mean, I arrived at the studio and there was flavored clubs, soda. clubs have a little budget watermelon.
Who loves you, baby? I gotta take care of the tail, you know, but you’re probably right. You know, I think we used to use some off there. Things were just not as upscale as they are now. Jim’s brand thought it might have it. Yeah. Phillips Well, we had some fun here this last week on the Bloody Mary enthusiast unite. We ran that contest. As you recall Mary’s mixers. That’s a mix that we reviewed here. I think two weeks ago. Go back and listen, they got real high marks. And then they sponsored a giveaway on the enthusiast unite. Group and we have some winners and Mike, do you have a copy of those? I
do have them. And so they’re getting a two pack of this marriage mixtures. And again, great stuff. I served it on Father’s Day and big hit. All right, Nola purple cat. You have one lease of Murphy, the Colt Gilmore, James M. Humphrey. And Mike D very, you have a date each one is to pack is that correct?
That is correct. So that would be a total of how many bottles Mike? is still told there would be no math. Hi, oh, congratulations to those winners. And we’re going to have another giveaway here next month, too. So check in on that bloody mary enthusiast unite page. And I tell you speaking of listeners and new listeners, you and I were talking about this a little earlier how we’re starting to spread out a little bit. The lat the last episode, which cash What was our last episode was that Whoo, Frankie’s fine,
Brian, right? Yes,
yes. Do you want to know what the top country was for? for that particular episode who listen to the most,
I would imagine the United States
you would have imagined that but it was Belgium. What the hell? For real? You know, we were drinking that Belgian style Farmhouse Ale. I maybe. Wow, that’s if maybe that’s a parent company, somebody over there shared it, you know, that’s all it takes. And it must have taken off. Normally that it is the United States, you know, week in and week out deaths are our biggest but yeah, Belgium. Go figure. That’s where we’re going. I think.
I think we should go live there.
Probably should. Those are big Live tour there. It’s like the old blues artists of the 50s. You know, they get no respect here. They go to Europe. And, you know, they’re a big deal. So that, I think is a great idea.
I’m not exactly John Coltrane. But you know, no, not exactly.
No, but you know, we don’t get bloody what do we see? So, on the subject here, I jotted down the other countries where we were downloaded here last week. Montenegro was number three now, I had to look it up. It’s a country in the Balkans, with rugged mountains, medieval villages have narrow strip of beaches along the Adriatic coastline. So yes, they’re listening to us there as well.
It sounds like a place James Bond would hang out. It really does. And he would have a bloody I think he would. Oh, absolutely. I don’t think he put a
whole chicken on his so I don’t think I just don’t I can’t quite picture it. But Montenegro, I hear that and I think of it Hugo Montenegro, the guy who wrote the score for the good, the bad, the ugly. I used to have that album. Yeah, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia and Singapore. Those are top eight. Here for the last episode is outstanding. I’ve always heard you get around my canal. I’ve kind of documented
well, hello to Belgium.
Yeah. Shout out to our friends in Belgium. We still have some of these stickers. They’ve been going fast. But I still got one more box of them. So if people want some of these My Big Fat Bloody Mary stickers, go to My Big Fat bloody or just search Bloody Mary stickers. You’ll you’ll find them. We’ll send you five of them for five bucks. And I’ll cover the shipping. No big deal.
It’s good stuff. Yeah,
we have a lot of fun with them. So last week, we did Frankie’s fine, Brian, that was a blast. All those pickles remember?
Oh, outstanding pickles beats? Yeah. Yeah, so good.
Yeah, we got a little bit out of order. And I think our last episode, we may have mentioned that that was the last one.
We did. That’s fine.
I saw you hesitate. What? Yeah, I ended up publishing them in a different order. just mess with you. Okay, see if you’re on your toes. I’ll hit you with a math problem though. I’ll play with the chronology just to keep you on your toes. What do we got today? What are we doing today?
Like? We have we have to announce our Word of the Day. So our drinking buddies out there and know what to what to toast up to? Yeah. So the first week.
What was it was Brian or briny?
No, it was something. Maybe it was Brian. Yeah, that’s just so I’m promoting trouble. Remember that? Anyway, our word for today is vodka. Here either one of us say the word. Vodka. Cheers.
Then we got to drink. Everyone gets a pass on that first time through. That’s just the informative uttering of that word, but from here on forward. You hear the V word? We all got to we all got to drink. Let it begin. Yep. So we are reviewing stretches. Bloody Mary mix from stretches pickles fame. So here’s another born of pickles mix. I think I gave you a little bit info about the company. Mike you.
Yes, you did. So they are they’re out of Worchester Maine and watch worst. Worst to share. Yeah, sauce. is perhaps word Chester’s most famous product. Yeah, I did not know this. It was first produced by two chemist John Weili. Lee and William parents. No, those sound familiar. Oh, absolutely. And parents, and it went on sale in 1837. It is still produced in the city today. Although the origin of the mix remains. The recipe remains a mystery. Kind of like how to make coke. sealed in this
it’s an enigma wrapped in mystery. Right? Yeah. 1837 because that stuff’s been around a while. I always pronounce it. What’s this here sauce? Think that’s correct.
That sounds about right. Yeah.
Well that’s an interesting place to come out of for a Bloody Mary mix. Yes.
And I tell you just looking at the bottle, I mean, just just a real simple label. But the best part is the ingredients water white vinegar, tomato, paste, cucumber, sugar, horseradish, garlic, black pepper, chili peppers, worse to soy sauce and celery powder. I can pronounce and spell every one of those words on this label. And that sucks. Nice.
Little something from their website. It’s all about the Brian. They say cheers to stretches Bloody Mary mix for pickle lovers. We’ve taken the traditional Bloody Mary and infused it with dill and cucumber and finished it with a healthy amount of horseradish. Just add your favorite spirit. And this creation is sure to tantalize the palate. Do you have a favorite spirit mic when it comes to these bloody marys?
Yes, I do. I like the I like when that field notes vodka. Hummingbird flies by doing leaves. It’s nectar.
Got you to see the word. Yeah.
Wow, I didn’t even see. We get a part. Now. I know we do.
The garnish. Let’s get to the drink.
Well, let’s, why don’t we will pour. And as usual, I’m going to shake this up. Good because, boy, take a look at that bottle. When you look through the glass. I posted a picture on Instagram and said Can anyone guess what mix this is? Nobody could fit everybody was intrigued. I call a mix like this three dimensional. You know it’s not fully pureed into a thick sauce. It’s more like lots of herbs and chunks of I think horseradish suspended in an otherwise kind of thin consistency, though. It’s really good trades. I
mean, it’s really good. Yeah, it looks outstanding. Yeah. Talk to one
of the owners here this afternoon and got a little bit of background. This. Eric started out as an employee there and ended up buying the company. And he prides himself on using real CUCS which they actually pickle the cucumbers before they go into the mix. And they add a little bitter vinegar the so they call it a pickled mix. And they’re mostly in Central Massachusetts. They have about 50 stores. It’s kind of a small batch. You know craft mix. And let’s give it a try. Definitely pickled.
Holy smokes that is good.
Yeah, it is. Very, very tart. Very horse riders a little sweet. Kinda like drinking a pickle. Little bit.
Yeah, yes. Well, if you love pickles,
this is your Nomex it just might be. That’s pretty good. You want an ice cube and yours? I just poured it straight from the get go. But
it’s good. Very mild sauce. Yeah, in any. Any bill. Maybe it’s just a better heat.
Much. hardly worth mentioning. Not a horseradish show. Definitely. Pickled Brian and horseradish, and the cucumber. And we can taste that too.
Wow, that is a very fresh tasting buddy Mary. Yeah. You know, if I had someone who said to me, Oh, I don’t really like Bloody Marys. Yeah, I would want some stretches on hand. So I’d say yeah, let me this one. Try this one.
Yeah, it’s a little different. It is it’s a little different. And the bottle itself is kind of a wide mouth sort of, you know, like I’ve talked about those medicine bottles. Yes. So shoulders on it, but it’s a little bigger mouth for easier pouring. I liked this bottle a lot. Yeah,
yeah. And what is a bottle like that? Tell for?
They range from 1099 to 1299 Depending on where you buy him. We’re at that. A little tarnishes. Boy, if I was going to make it absolutely perfect. Look for me. I might back down the sweet just a tad, and maybe throw a little more umami, you know? But man, it’s right in there. It’s right in there.
I really liked the chunks of cucumber. I mean, I’m getting the pickle too. But yeah, okay shall get a little little nibble of that cucumber. And I
like that good. Some don’t like that. But I do. I funny, I just put that on my grocery list cucumbers because I want to infuse vodka with it. Yeah, because it is it’s a nice, especially in the summer it just sort of cools down and mix you know. Makes it real nice. So that’s a good Yep. Good addition.
I think I think we need to add some vodka
What’s a girl got to do to get a little vodka round here.
Cheers, by the way.
Yeah. Okay. That’s appropriate Yeah. Field Notes, not I may have given myself a heavy pour. So that’s a good excuse to throw in a bit more of the stretches online. How’s your ratio? You got her? Get me a hitter again.
It’s micro microphone is pretty sensitive. So people probably think they’re sitting here with us as we mix that. That’d be great. Couple of venues in town that we might be live at. Nothing to announce officially just yet. But I think we got a couple lined up. So that’ll be fun.
All right. Just before Belgium, yes.
Right on the way there. When we start off our tour, we’ll get the local ones first. Work our way out. Well, boy, that vodka takes out a bit of the tartness I talked about. The rest stays for me pretty similar.
About you. Yeah. Really good. i Yeah, this is definitely a you have your morning Bloody Mary. And then you have a bloody mare that you would have in the evening. Right? And for me, I wouldn’t have it. You know, spicy, Bloody Mary in the evening. But I would like a mild one like this one.
This would be this would be a good morning one for sure. I just as good without vodka. Oddly enough, I don’t. Some of these you had the vodka and bam, they just come alive. This one. It varies it a little bit. But I don’t it doesn’t open it up in a big way. I still get the cucumbers. So getting the horseradish. spice level seems about the same. Maybe a little less tart for me. And oddly, I’m getting a little more spice now. Yeah. So maybe it might have been opened up the door to the spice.
But you have to qualify it by saying if you don’t like getting those little chunks of things in your mix. This would not be the one for you.
Yeah, yep. In all fairness, if you’re one of those that doesn’t want to pick something out of your teeth after you’ve had a plenty. Yeah, this might not be your jam.
But I love it. I think it’s really adds to the freshness of it, I think.
Yeah, I agree. I agree. Yeah, if you want to follow these guys, they’re on Facebook and Instagram. They’ve got somebody pretty good, I think on their social media. They got some real nice looking pictures on there, especially of the all the pickles and might have to try some of those too. But yeah, so he, Eric and his crew bought the company in 2019, just in time of pandemic. So they had nowhere to produce it. So they basically had a year off. And then they kind of got things back up and running again. They’ve got a commercial kitchen now. And so they’re just kind of ramping up. As I mentioned, their distribution is about 50 stores in Massachusetts at this point, but I know they’re hopeful that there’ll be spreading that out. Maybe our listeners will be part of that. Who knows. Yeah.
Greg can I know kind of fire to this buddy? And yeah, we have not poured a chaser yet.
I am from Wisconsin, Greg. Where
the hell is my beer chaser. Shit. This will not stand man. This will not stand. Well let’s do it. What do we got today Mike?
We are drinking. Bourbon, the Driftless Brewing Company in soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. We have got the local buzz. It is is a lightly hopped beer. With Wisconsin grown, Willamette hops. It is golden color. Very gorgeous. And a clean it is honey. Just finish.
That is a nice color. Nice head on to
it. Now Wow, that is a good looking bear and a good good tasting beer.
A little bit lower. It’s an ABV of what? 5% not much for the Ibu. It’s 12
Yeah, but wow, very refreshing. For sure. This is a summer ride with the doubt. Yeah.
Well, so the process begins. We go to the chase here we go to the bloody chaser, one foot in front of the other right we just fall into that pattern and others can learn the chart process crying to the sea they just know
I love this part of the show. Where we’ve kind of done all the heavy lifting and all we’re really doing right now is enjoy the next habit.
It should be and everyone else listening is doing that as well.
Oh, I bet they are. I don’t think they are sitting with a notepad taking copious notes. I’m pretty sure they’ve got a beer in one hand and a bloody in the other. You got anything while we’re just having a few. You got anything coming up here that you’re excited about some fun you’re doing are
excited. I’m going to a dead and company show at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Yeah. So mice, my oldest son. He loves the Grateful Dead. And we went last year and just had a ball just at a great time. Way up in the nosebleeds. You know, Maddie a little way on top right next to the right next to the press box, actually, but the sound was amazing. And it was fun to have a bird’s eye view of a stadium show it to see you know, 1000s of people dancing and shaking it. It was it was really really fun. Oh
man have that the energy level is incredible.
You know, deadheads I love them. They’re just,
yeah, they’re not gonna pick a fight with you or throw beers. You know, it’s just not the crowd. My brother was at a show many years ago. It was an outdoor venue. And there was a guy laying out on the blanket like a lot of people were and some car, backed over his legs, drove right over his legs. And my brother said, I’d never seen anything like it. They quickly got out of the car. They were mortified. And the guy’s like, Nah, man, it’s cool. It’s cool.
didn’t break his legs?
I don’t know. But it was cool with him whenever. Your state of mind I guess. Don’t worry about it. Would you buy this mic?
Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And it goes.
Yeah, about about $10 It might go a little higher depending on where you’re buying it, but you probably get around 10 bucks, which these days is not a bad price point. I’m with you. I would buy it too. And I I kind of echo what you said. This would be a fun one to have around for those sticklers that come by saying I don’t really like plumbers. I don’t like tomato juice. Well, this is a very different nobody’s gonna say oh, it’s like tomato soup, which I hear that a lot. Yeah, this is nothing like that. It’s not that thick, creamy. Tomato saucy. You know, this is a nice thin savory consistency with Yeah, those suspended bits. I almost call it a three dimensional composition. Yes.
Yes. And if you if you like that, then you’re gonna absolutely love this mix. And it’s something sometimes people just don’t like that.
Hey, you can’t please everyone at No, you just can’t. Why? Why would you want to? That’s why there’s so many different mixes out there too. Yes. And I don’t always mix in the same promo.
When they say it tastes like tomato soup. I kind of have an idea of what mix they’ve been using.
Yes. It isn’t this one. No. Yeah. We got to upgrade those people. That is that’s why we’re here. That’s our mission. save people from the bad ones. shine a light on the good ones. If we can just do that. I think our options it’s done Oh, yeah, well, at least once we finish this drink it is anyway for this week. Next week, we’ve got an interesting one. Cheryl’s secret recipe, spicy seasoning mix. Oh, that’s what it looks like. And it’s a powdered mix, which I’m always intrigued by these. And, you know, there’s one other thing I wanted to throw out, I’m working on a little something like, it’s my top 10 Bloody Mary mix list. Wow. So this is gonna be right, I’m gonna go, I’m going back six years of these reviews, I’m not going to put them in a particular order. They’re just either they’re out in the list. Okay, they’re not all right. I’m about halfway through it, because there’s five right away, I know are going to be on it. But then those second five poring through all the records. I’m racking my brain because I want to get it right, because there’s going to be somebody who’s number 11. That’s going to come at me, I know. But I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it and look for that on our blog post My Big Fat bloody That’ll be publishing probably in the next week. Greg’s top 10 list. Maybe this one will be on it. Who knows?
I am excited to try this. So I hear you first turned me on to this seasoning. Yeah. The powder. And at first I was like, No, but that’s a pretty good one. So I’m
interested to hear this. They’re a nice thing to have around. You know, they’re shelf stable. Yeah, some of these mixes I pop up and one of these and you know, we’re doing it a couple times a week. They sit in my fridge for a few weeks after they’ve been opened. I kind of dumped them. You know, I don’t, I don’t I don’t know that they keep that well. But a powdered mix like this can sit on the shelf for quite a long time and still be reanimated into a pretty nice mix and we’ve had good luck. I’m trying to think I Chihuahua was a real good one. We’ve had JDS, which was also a real good one. Scratches its southern southern roots made a real nice one. Okay. So there’s some some good ones out there devil Dave. So they make a good one too. So yeah, we’ll see how this is next week. Cheryl’s a secret recipe. And gosh, until then, I guess. If people like vodka, go ahead and take another drink. Yes,
I know I will. Well, thanks, everybody for joining us this week. Find us on my big fat bloody or Bloody Mary enthusiast unite on that Facebook group. Keep on the lookout for our next giveaway, because they’re going to they’re going to keep coming. So thanks again. We’ll see you next week.
I hope you have nothing going on next Sunday. There. See you then for another big fat Bloody Mary podcast.

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