Sucker Punch Bloody Mary Mix Review

Trucker Speed- Bloody Mary Enthusiasts Unite!

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Sucker Punch Bloody Mary Mix- a Review

What a great episode! Lynn and I really enjoyed this savory mix. Comforting like a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich! Interesting company. Here’s a snippet from their website:

Sometimes you need your beverage to pack a bit of a punch. Introducing the heavyweight champion of Bloody Mary Mixes…SuckerPunch Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix! This award-winning, vegan, bloody mary mix is bold in all the right ways. At SuckerPunch Gourmet, we use 7 simple ingredients to create a truly distinguished Bloody Mary flavor that is as delicious as it is distinctive. Whether you are creating a work of art in a glass, or simply making a batch for brunch, SuckerPunch Bloody Mary mix is the perfect canvas for you to work with. This ready to serve Bloody Mary mix is sold in a 32oz bottle, perfect for entertaining, or a three-pack of 12oz bottles, which are great for those who make the occasional Sunday bench beverage. Take your Bloody Mary game to the next level and get ready to hit your tastebuds with some serious flavor.

Price point at $7.99 per 32oz bottle makes this mix a pretty solid value.

We started with the Original Recipe. Smooth and savory on its own- No vodka. Hints of garlic, tomato, and cucumber with a smooth finish. We add vodka and the cucumber steps to the front of the palate. Light and quite drinkable!

The Bold and Spicy mix is infused with ghost pepper. I was a little nervous. On its own the texture is no different than the Original but there’s a distinct pepper flavor- not too hot- more like a chili aftertaste. Tasty! We add vodka and Wow! It get’s hotter! The cucumber steps forward and a little sweetness emerges. Nice!

We both like this mix- again, Lynn prefers the milder Original Recipe and I prefer the Bold and Spicy.

Well, Lynn was hounding me to do a song for a few weeks and today she got her wish. In a late-night Codiene, Prednisone, and Jagermiester infused moment I recorded this cover of a Fred Eaglesmith song, Trucker Speed.

Greg Tooke Sings Trucker Speed by Fred Eaglesmith

Share this. Join next week for a review of Lola’s Bloody Mary Mix. I promise Lynn will sing next time!!

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