Beepa’s Bloody Mary Mix Review

With Mike Scott and Lynn Miller

Beepa’s Bloody Mary Mix

INTRO:  Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series. 

Intro Guest : Mike Scott !!!

La Crosse Distilling Co. -Field Notes

Whose corn-based vodka is just that, 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for an easy finish.

 La Crosse Distilling Co. is proud to announce a 3-year partnership with the GREEN BAY PACKERS. 

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Word of the Day:”Mix”

Company We Review : Beepa’s Bloody Mary Mix

Company Story: From the website “Perfectly smooth with a hint of our signature pickling brine providing a savory backbone followed by a sweet tomato tang, our Spicy and Original Bloody Mary Mix checks all the boxes. Just add vodka to this well-balanced, crowd-pleasing option as a complete mix.”

Other products: Spaghetti sauce, goulash starter, pickled mushrooms, dill beans, BBQ sauce. – Locally Sourced

Cocktail Spoon

Out of Beloit, WI. Distributed to WI and Illinois – 2019 State Fair 1st Place bold Bev

Onto the ingredients: Read them off Label


Thickness:   Medium thin

Flavor: Fresh and tangy. Not spicy

Where’s The Chaser?? 

Which Beer Today? Driftless Brewing Co. Bad Axe Pale Ale

Where’s the Vodka??

Effect of Adding Vodka: Still very fresh and spicy

Retail Cost: $ 6.99 32 oz bottle

How to learn more (Contact Info) 

Summary: Would I Buy it? –  YES!

Entertainment: Lynn sings Smoke on the Water- Deep Purple

Next Week: Frank’s Red Hot Bloody Mary Mix

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