Bloody Mary Festival- Wisconsin!

Milwaukee, WI Live at the Fest 2022!!

Bloody Mary Festival- Wisconsin
Bloody Mary Festival- Wisconsin!!

The Bloody Mary Festival is a celebration of the most beloved brunch cocktail.

Now in its 8th year – the largest event of its kind – each city’s Festival brings together the best Bloody Marys made by local bars, restaurants and craft mixes. Attendees taste them all before voting for the coveted People’s Choice Award.

The Festival is much more than Bloody Marys! Tastes from local food and beverage companies, live music, photo ops and a panel of expert judges add to the day’s festivities.

Join this incredible brunch-time party and help crown “The Best Bloody Mary” in your city!    ​

Holy Smokes! What a blast! Once again I had the opportunity to be a judge at the Bloody Mary Festival in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I and a handful of other judges Where “forced,” to sample and rate from local restaurants and bars, as well as some bottled mixes.

This year was exceptional. Aside from one that was awful, the bloodies were all above average. I love my job!

Bloody Mary Festival

I decided to bring my mobile recording kit and was able to sit down with Evan Weiss, the organizer of the event, and a few of the other judges for some live chatting.

Take a listen!

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