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Best Bloody Mary Mix You Can Buy

buy bloody Mary mix
Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mixes


Anyone reading the My Big Fat Bloody Mary blog knows that we are very picky about our cocktails. It’s always best to start from scratch with fresh ingredients. There are times however that we need to buy bloody Mary mix.

We’ve sampled every bloody Mary mix we can get our hands on. Most of them are either too salty or just lack flavor. Demitri’s line of bloody Mary seasonings have won multiple awards, and with good reason. The ingredients are all natural and blended perfectly. One of the smartest things the folks do, or rather DON’T do, is mix the seasoning with tomato juice. By leaving that step to the person enjoying the drink, two significant benefits arise; 1. The shipping size is smaller and more efficient. 2. The acid in the tomato juice doesn’t break down the flavor of all those seasonings while the bottle waits for you. If you’re ready to buy bloody Mary mix, try one of these four delicious flavors, displayed in increasing spice level from left to right.

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