Drunken Tomato Awards 2022

2022 Drunken Tomato Awards Results
2022 Drunken Tomato Awards Results

With Mike Scott and Shelley Buchanan

INTRO:  Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series. 

We are being fueled by champagne!  Why?

Today is a special episode. We’ll be reviewing the Drunken tomato awards results and talking with Shelley Buchanan

Bloody Mary Enthusiasts Partnership

Demitris Giveaway Contest- We have a winner!!!!

Mike Howarth!  -Runners Up..

Question: Shaken, Stirred or rolled…


Last Episode/ Review: Rimilicious- Remy’s Bloody Mary Experience- Awesome!

What we’re drinking: Champagne! It’s the Drunken Tomato Awards!- Let’s call Shelley!

2022 Drunken Tomato Awards Results
2022 Drunken Tomato Awards Results

Next Week: La Crosse Distillery’s very own Christian Stahley

  • Sara Isbell
  • Definitely rolled!
  • Thomas Peterson
  • +3
  • The only agitation should come from the addition of the garnishes and straw. It’s important that one does not bruise the vodka.
  • Seriously though, rolled.
  • Jim Taucher
  • Shaken
  • 3
  • Katie Bond Jackson
  • 2
  • Terry 
  • None of the above just alot of snacky food added such as dilly beans, beef/ham sticks, pickles dilled, black olive, Cajun bacon, cheese curds on a toothpick. All of this accentuates a great bloody mary…However, the taste of the Accoutrements shouldn’t overpower the taste of the bloody mary!!!

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