Fayze’s Restaurant and Bakery Live Podcast

  Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. 

We are coming to you from Fayze’s Restaurant and Bakery

Intro Self and Guests : Greg Tooke, Mike Scott, Drew- Owner/ Manager

My Big Fat Bloody Mary Experience!

A passport/tour through La Crosse’s best bloody Mary’s

11 sites. July 30-Sept. 19th, 2022

Pick up a passport. Visit these sites. Enjoy an awesome bloody and get a stamp. Turn your passport into DMI (422 Main St), by 5pm Sept. 19 -Drawing Tuesday Sept 20th.

Last Episode: Davis Reay’s-    BM Fest Milwaukee. 

Word of the Day: ”Breakfast ”

Where are we? Fayze’s Restaurant and Bakery

Famous Bloody Marys

All of our Bloody Marys are made with our secret recipe mix and served with pepper cheese, beef sausage, green olive and pickle spear. Or try our Firecracker Bloody Mary made with Absolut Peppar vodka, a splash of tabasco & a shrimp!

Fayze’s Website

What kind of place is this? What are you known for?  Outstanding Brunch options

When did your business begin? 23 years ago!

Tell us about your bloody(s)-  describe it, what makes it special?

Do you offer Field Notes Vodka?

Does it come with a chaser? Garnish?

Let’s try it….

We had the Flight, which I hightly recommend; The house special, The Firecracker, and the Bakon, Take a listen to hear about each!

What else might someone’s Bloody Mary experience include here?

What’s the worst bloody Mary you ever had?

Next Episode: The Waterfront Tavern and Restaurant

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