Freedy Johnston Live in Studio

Freedy Johnston Live at Bloody Mary Concert Series
Freedy Johnston Live at Bloody Mary Concert Series

INTRO:  Welcome to My Big Fat Bloody Mary podcast where you will never drink alone. We are coming to you from the studios of the Bloody Mary Concert Series.

Intro Guest : Freedy Johnston- Welcome to the Bloody Mary Concert Series Studio!

Freedy Johnston is a singer-songwriter originally from Kinsley, Kansas. A town 1,561 miles from both New York and San Francisco. He moved to New York in the 1980’s and worked as an office temp for a few years before landing a deal with Bar None Records in Hoboken. His second record for them was his breakthrough album, 1992’s Can You Fly. He then signed to Elektra Records and in 1994 worked with producer Butch Vig on his biggest record, This Perfect World, which featured the radio hit “Bad Reputation”, and earned him Rolling Stone’s Songwriter of the Year award for 1994. His songs were featured in the movies “Kingpin”, “Kicking and Screaming” and “Heavy”. He currently lives in Joshua Tree, California.

La Crosse Distilling Co. -Field Notes

Whose corn-based vodka is just that, 100% Midwestern organic yellow dent corn. Besides the yeast and enzymes they use to break down the sugars in the corn, there’s nothing else used to make this spirit. It is double-distilled and filtered for an easy finish.

House Concerts: Sponsored by La Crosse Distilling Co., The Other Mary BLoody Mix, Pearl Street Brewery, and a few dozen cool music lovers!

Last Episode/ Review: Pleasoning 

Word of the Day:”Bloody”

What we’re drinking- Mention The Other Mary…The Hemingway Bloody Mary Recipe

A few Questions for Freedy:

John Hiatt – What the Hell is Bad Reputation about?

What’s the first album you remember buying

First Guitar?

 covers band called the Know-it-All Boyfriends. 

This Perfect World Back On Vinyl! 

New Album- Back on the Road to you 

  • Susan Cowill, Aimee Mann

Track – “Darlin” w/ Aimee Mann- Comforting to me. “Everything’s gonna be alright.”

Track- “The Power of Love” w/ Susan Cowill- a rocker

Track- “I really Miss ya blues” made me cry- “The days aren’t so bad but the nights really make me sad.” Can I ask who that’s about?

What Guitar are you playing tonight?

Freedy Johnston Loves the Muzak Versions of His Old Hits — And He’s Still Striving for Perfection- Rolling Stone

Entertainment: Freedy does a song

Ernest Hemingway broke down the essential elements of the bloody Mary.  The way he mixed the drink reflected the way he lived- LARGE! rather than get overly creative with ingredients like pickle juice, tiger sauce, port wine, or whatever the flavor of the month is, Hemingway kept it simple.  Like his writing style, the Ernest Hemingway bloody Mary recipe is lean and athletic.

Ernest hemingway bloody Mary recipe

Ernest Hemingway, in my view,  personified the spirit of this website. By prescribing no amount less than a pitcher, he made a statement.

Hemingway Bloody Mary Recipe
To a large pitcher (anything smaller is “worthless”) add:
1 chunk of ice (the biggest that will fit)
1 pint of vodka
1 pint chilled tomato juice
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 jigger fresh lime juice
Pinch celery salt
Pinch cayenne pepper
Pinch black pepper
Several drops of Tabasco

“Keep on stirring and taste it to see how it is doing. If you gets it too powerful weaken with more tomato juice. If it lacks authority add more vodka.”

From a letter to Bernard Peyton signed
April 5, 1947 by Ernest Hemingway

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