How to make the best Bloody Mary

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Cocktail Recipe

Square One: How I Make the Best Bloody Mary

Before discussing how to make the very best bloody Mary recipe, let’s start with the basics:

Ingredients.  Whenever possible, use fresh ingredients in your bloody Mary recipe.  The worst thing you can do is buy some bottle of pre-mixed concoction, laden with preservatives, most of which are hard to pronounce.  Instead, gather up fresh citrus, whole peppercorns, and fresh celery salt.  Throw out that old shaker that’s sat in the back of your cupboard since the Clinton administration and buy fresh.  Better still? grind your own!


To really keep things fresh, consider infusing your vodka.  I’ll write more about this but think about it.  Why buy some powder from an old dried out pepper that sat on a shelf for who knows how long?  That’s NOT how to make the best bloody Mary recipe folks!  Instead, try putting fresh peppers into your vodka and letting it sit for a couple weeks. (No more- it will get bitter)  You’ll be amazed at the flavor!

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Don’t mix all of your ingredients up far in advance.  To keep the flavors alive, make the cocktails close to the moment of consumption as possible.  Keep it cold!  Chilling the drink will also preserve the freshness of the ingredients.  I like to use a cocktail shaker full of ice to chill my Bloody.


Follow the “How to Make a bloody Mary Cocktail video,” then try experimenting with your own ideas.  If you really want to impress your friends and customers, spend some time and money on garnishes.  Adding a small meal on top of the bloody Mary will make the cocktail memorable.  There’s nothing better than watching someone take a photo of the cocktail you made to post it to Face Book.  Grow some buzz!

Finally, don’t forget to serve your bloody Mary with a small glass of cold beer.  Call it a chaser, a beer back, or a side car, it’s a perfect companion to this drink.

Those are the basic principles of making a bloody Mary, from Clamato to V8 bloody Mary Mix

Observe them and that’s how you will make the best Bloody Mary Recipe!



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