UV Vodka Sriracha Blood Shot Recipe

UV Vodka Sriracha Bloody Mary Shooter
UV Vodka Sriracha Bloody Mary Shooter
The Bloodshot: UV Vodka Sriracha Bloody Mary Shooter

Developed as part of the UV Vodka Challenge. Greg was given four UV Vodka flavors and tasked with creating a unique bloody Mary recipe for each

I started out with the idea that I’d make a conventional bloody Mary with some chili garlic kick. I always start by tasting the ingredients individually.

The UV Sriracha Vodka had a complex flavor profile all on its own. Chili was the first to hit, followed by a hint of garlic and hot spice. I knew I wouldn’t need to add much to get where I wanted to go.

With all that chili flavor I immediately thought of lime. I took another taste and chased it with a bite of fresh lime. Delicious. A light went on. I poured a half shot of the UV Sriracha, squeezed fresh lime and topped with Sacramento tomato juice. Down the hatch! Amazing! I downed a few more. Yep, it’s amazing.

bloodshot UV Vodka Sriracha shooter
bloodshot UV Vodka Sriracha shooter

The UV Vodka Sriracha Blood Shot – Greg Tooke, My Big Fat Bloody Mary Podcast


1 Ounce UV Sriracha Vodka
1 Ounce Sacramento Tomato Juice
1/4 Lime Wedge


In a large shot glass, combine all ingredients, drink, repeat as needed.


Lynn- 77

Brad- 77

Erica- 76

Greg- 77 (hahaha)

UV Lemonade Bloody Radler Recipe

UV Lemonade Bloody Radler

Developed as part of the UV Vodka Challenge. Greg was given four UV Vodka flavors and tasked with creating a unique bloody Mary recipe for each

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UV Lemonade – Here’s where it started to get weird. Lemonade is not exactly the flavor most think of when mixing a bloody. However, fresh lemon is one of my favorite bloody Mary ingredients, and I’ve been leaning toward a lighter, more juicy bloody Mary this summer. No problem. After two tries I had a great mix!

After smelling and tasting the UV Lemonade I started thinking of the popular German drink, the Radler. A mix of lemonade and beer, this summer favorite allows Germans to drink throughout a hot summer day without all the effects of a full strength beer.

I went to work making a light refreshing summertime bloody Mary recipe. Doubling down on an already fresh taste, I added fresh squeezed lemon. I love fresh cracked pepper with lemon. I gave a few turns of the old mill….

UV Lemonade Bloody Radler Recipe

UV Lemonade Bloody Radler
3 Ounces Sacramento Tomato Juice
2 Ounces UV Lemonade Vodka
1 Ounce Beer (Wheat Beer Recommended)
Pinch of Cracked Pepper

Fill a pint glass with ice
Add UV Lemonade Vodka
Slowly pour Tomato Juice
Float Beer on top
Crack Pepper over top and serve*

*Serve unstirred for presentation. Stir before drinking


Lynn- 65

Brad- 68

Erica- 65

Greg- 77 (hahaha)

Bloody Mary Chip Dip

bloody mary chip dip recipe

Chip Dip Recipe – Savory Bloody Mary Flavor

bloody Mary chip dip recipe
Game Day Bloody Mary Chip Dip Recipe

Getting ready for the game I found myself craving chips and dip. Since it was game day, and game day ends in “y”, I had bloody Mary ingredients on the counter.  A light went on.

After a few revisions, I’ve crafted what I and others believe to be a delicious and savory bloody Mary chip dip recipe with a kick. Try it out, share with friends – let me know what you think in the comments below.
*Note: My first run at the recipe featured mayonnaise. Plain yogurt won out in the final recipe. It’s lighter and better compliments the citrus.

Greg’s Famous Bloody Mary Chip Dip


8 oz plain yogurt

8 oz sour cream

2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce* For extra kick, try Demitri’s chipotle habanero seasoning

2 Tbsp prepared horseradish

2 Tbsp Sacramento tomato juice

1 or 2 oz finely minced jalapeño peppers

1 tsp celery salt

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1 tsp fresh cracked black pepper

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper powder (or to taste)

*Note: 2 Tbsp Demitri’s Chilies and Peppers Bloody Mary Seasoning can be used in place of Worcestershire and celery salt


In a medium mixing bowl combine all ingredients. Mix thoroughly, cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving. (Consider making the night before) Crack a bit more pepper over the top before serving. Garnish with lemon wedge and celery stalk. Great with corn chips, crackers, or your favorite potato chip.

Don’t forget the beer chaser!

Red Snapper Drink Recipe

Red Snapper Bloody Mary Recipe


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Red Snapper Bloody Mary Recipe

Before there was a bloody Mary, there was the red snapper drink. Though difficult to prove definitively, it is widely accepted that the drink we now call the bloody Mary was first created in Paris France in the 1920’s at a bar called The New Yorker.  What most people in the U.S. don’t realize is that this cocktail was not made with vodka.  The original spicy brunch cocktail was made with gin and called the Red Snapper.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s that vodka surpassed gin as the most popular bloody Mary spirit of choice.

Red Snapper Bloody Mary Recipe
Red Snapper Bloody Mary Recipe

Derived from juniper berries and of other natural botanicals, gin has much better potential for unlocking and amplifying the spices in the red snapper drink.  When mixed properly, the red snapper explodes with bold fresh flavor.  As a student of the bloody Mary I will confess two facts: 1. the thought of mixing gin with tomato juice struck me as repulsive. 2. Since mixing gin with tomato juice I may never use vodka again.  (I’ve actually carried mustard on my person when going to a bar, in case this essential ingredient does not grace the bartenders’ arsenal.)

Have some fun with this Red Snapper Bloody Mary Recipe. Mixing a red snapper drink or bloody Mary cocktail can be a great social activity. Get a long mixing spoon and a large mixing glass like the ones featured below. Drop a couple large ice cubes in the mixing glass. (The bigger the cubes, the better. Small cubes melt faster and dilute the drink. I ordered a cool ice-cube tray from Amazon for about $8.00)

Red Snapper Drink
Red Snapper Drink

Next add a large dollop of fresh horseradish –not some horseradish sauce, the real thing! Don’t skip this ingredient. It really makes the drink snap. Now pour about four ounces of fresh tomato juice and stir. Keep stirring the drink as you add each ingredient. Now add 2 ounces of good gin. The red snapper is a treat for special occasions. Spend an extra dollar or two. Next crack fresh pepper, and add 1/4 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder or Tabasco sauce. Keep stirring and add a 1/2 teaspoon of ground mustard -sounds crazy, but trust me: it’s delicious! Add two ice cubes to a tall serving glass and pour the contents from the mixing glass. Squeeze a 1/4 lemon wedge over the top and garnish with a fresh stalk of celery, olive, and lemon wedge.  Perfect!

Experiment with varying amounts of each ingredient. Invite your friends to participate in mixing. Half the fun is in the making of this delicious cocktail. Options include an ounce of sherry or port wine, lime, various hot sauces, olive brine, and any tweak your imagination can engineer.

I suggest serving the red snapper with an ice cold glass of India Pale ale (IPA)

-Greg Tooke My short bio

How do you make the best Bloody Mary?

How do you make the best Bloody Mary

Square One: How to Make the Best Bloody Mary Recipe

Before discussing how to make the very best bloody Mary recipe, let’s start with the basics: Ingredients.  Whenever possible, use fresh ingredients in your bloody Mary recipe.  The worst thing you can do is buy some bottle of pre-mixed concoction, laden with preservatives, most of which are hard to pronounce.  Instead, gather up fresh citrus, whole peppercorns, and fresh celery salt.  Throw out that old shaker that’s sat in the back of your cupboard since the Clinton administration and buy fresh.  Better still? grind your own!

To really keep things fresh, consider infusing your vodka.  I’ll write more about this but think about it.  Why buy some powder from an old dried out pepper that sat on a shelf for who knows how long?  That’s NOT how to make the best bloody Mary recipe folks!  Instead, try putting fresh peppers into your vodka and letting it sit for a couple weeks. (No more- it will get bitter)  You’ll be amazed at the flavor!

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Don’t mix all of your ingredients up far in advance.  To keep the flavors alive, make the cocktails close to the moment of consumption as possible.  Keep it cold!  Chilling the drink will also preserve the freshness of the ingredients.  I like to use a cocktail shaker full of ice to chill my Bloody.

Follow the “How to Make a bloody Mary Cocktail video,” then try experimenting with your own ideas.  If you really want to impress your friends and customers, spend some time and money on garnishes.  Adding a small meal on top of the bloody Mary will make the cocktail memorable.  There’s nothing better than watching someone take a photo of the cocktail you made to post it to Face Book.  Grow some buzz!

Finally, don’t forget to serve your bloody Mary with a small glass of cold beer.  Call it a chaser, a beer back, or a side car, it’s a perfect companion to this drink.

Those are the basic principles of how to basics of making a bloody Mary, from Clamato to 

V8 bloody Mary Mix

Observe them and that’s how you will make the best Bloody Mary Recipe!