UV Vodka Sriracha Blood Shot Recipe

UV Vodka Sriracha Bloody Mary Shooter
The Bloodshot: UV Vodka Sriracha Bloody Mary Shooter

Developed as part of the UV Vodka Challenge. Greg was given four UV Vodka flavors and tasked with creating a unique bloody Mary recipe for each

I started out with the idea that I’d make a conventional bloody Mary with some chili garlic kick. I always start by tasting the ingredients individually.

The UV Sriracha Vodka had a complex flavor profile all on its own. Chili was the first to hit, followed by a hint of garlic and hot spice. I knew I wouldn’t need to add much to get where I wanted to go.

With all that chili flavor I immediately thought of lime. I took another taste and chased it with a bite of fresh lime. Delicious. A light went on. I poured a half shot of the UV Sriracha, squeezed fresh lime and topped with Sacramento tomato juice. Down the hatch! Amazing! I downed a few more. Yep, it’s amazing.

bloodshot UV Vodka Sriracha shooter
bloodshot UV Vodka Sriracha shooter

The UV Vodka Sriracha Blood Shot – Greg Tooke, My Big Fat Bloody Mary Podcast


1 Ounce UV Sriracha Vodka
1 Ounce Sacramento Tomato Juice
1/4 Lime Wedge


In a large shot glass, combine all ingredients, drink, repeat as needed.


Lynn- 77

Brad- 77

Erica- 76

Greg- 77 (hahaha)

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