UV Lemonade Bloody Radler Recipe

Developed as part of the UV Vodka Challenge. Greg was given four UV Vodka flavors and tasked with creating a unique bloody Mary recipe for each

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UV Lemonade – Here’s where it started to get weird. Lemonade is not exactly the flavor most think of when mixing a bloody. However, fresh lemon is one of my favorite bloody Mary ingredients, and I’ve been leaning toward a lighter, more juicy bloody Mary this summer. No problem. After two tries I had a great mix!

After smelling and tasting the UV Lemonade I started thinking of the popular German drink, the Radler. A mix of lemonade and beer, this summer favorite allows Germans to drink throughout a hot summer day without all the effects of a full strength beer.

I went to work making a light refreshing summertime bloody Mary recipe. Doubling down on an already fresh taste, I added fresh squeezed lemon. I love fresh cracked pepper with lemon. I gave a few turns of the old mill….

UV Lemonade Bloody Radler Recipe

UV Lemonade Bloody Radler
3 Ounces Sacramento Tomato Juice
2 Ounces UV Lemonade Vodka
1 Ounce Beer (Wheat Beer Recommended)
Pinch of Cracked Pepper

Fill a pint glass with ice
Add UV Lemonade Vodka
Slowly pour Tomato Juice
Float Beer on top
Crack Pepper over top and serve*

*Serve unstirred for presentation. Stir before drinking


Lynn- 65

Brad- 68

Erica- 65

Greg- 77 (hahaha)

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