Eastern Shore Bloody Mary Review With Mike Scott

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Eastern Shore- The Company Story:

From the website:


Not your average Bloody Mary

As young men our founders learned to crab the shores of the Chesapeake. Rising early in the morning when the air was crisp with the brackish waters of the bay and a cool fog being burned off by the sun we would walk to our favorite spots, bushel baskets and nets in hand to reap the Bay’s bounty. 

When we arrived home our baskets overflowing, it was time for a homemade breakfast. For decades our families handed down recipes, for steaming crabs, crab cakes, soft shells and the Eastern Shore Bloody Mary. 

Now we are sharing our family’s secret recipe with you. We hope our mix fills you with the warmth of sunsets and sunrises over the water, the laughter of families sharing meals on the back deck and the spice of life that can only be found in the land of pleasant living. 

What’s on the Outside?

Eastern Shore Bloody Mary Review

A traditional bottle with an understated label adorned with a watermark image of a crab. The mix itself is dark in color with lots of visible celery seed.

Onto the ingredients:

Eastern Shore Bloody Mary Mix Review

The Taste:

The first taste- without vodka, comes across sweet and a bit smokey with Worcestershire and a tangy aftertaste. Rich, hearty and a bit thick.

Adding Vodka:

Adding vodka affects the texture more than the flavor. The thickness thins to a more drinkable level. The intense flavors stand up to the introduction of a fine vodka without losing anything. Instead, each flavor becomes more independent, especially the celery seed. It’s better this way but not way, way better.


This is a mix with a cool bottle and a nice back story. It’s hearty, sweet, a bit thicker, and somewhat tart. Purists may take issue with some of the ingredients but the end product is tasty while shelf stable.

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